You can choose PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, Virtual Visa Card or a gift card through PrizeOut.

Please keep in mind that if you chose to receive a PayPal payment, PayPal will charge 2.9% + $0.30 of your total payment as their seller fee. GadgetGone does not reimburse this fee. All orders that contain a brand new condition item will be required to be paid through PayPal.

Bank Transfers and Virtual Visa cards are sent to your email for redemption from Tremendous Rewards. There are no fees associated with bank transfers or virtual visa cards.

PrizeOut offers thousands of gift card options to our customers with some card options offering up to a 20% bonus.  Target, Amazon, and Walmart are guaranteed options to all customers and all other vendors and bonus options rotate weekly to give customers a variety of options to choose from weekly. If your entire value is not redeemed at one time you can access your remaining value at any time to claim an additional gift card. There are no fees associated with the PrizeOut option.