How (And Where) To Sell Your Apple Watch For The Most Cash

Selling 101

Maybe you loved your Apple Watch, maybe you hated it, maybe you just never used it. Doesn’t matter now, all you should care about is finding the best place to sell your Apple Watch for cash (or store credit… if you’re into that). Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of selling options and we’re going to outline the pros and cons of each of them.


To put all these options on a fair playing field we’re going to see how much they’re currently offering for an Aluminum Apple Watch Sport, Series 4 with GPS + Cellular connectivity. Generally speaking, you’re always going to get more money for your Apple Watch if you sell it with the watch band, charger and original box so these prices will assume you have all of those accessories to sell with it.

Before Selling

What to do before selling your Apple Watch

Prepping your Apple Watch for sale is easy. Just follow the directions below to unpair your Apple Watch. Unpairing will clear the Apple Watch of all of your data, remove your iCloud account, disconnect it from Your iPhone and reset it to factory settings.

1: Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone


2: Click on your Apple Watch you want to unpair


3: Click on the little orange “i” with a circle around it

how to reset apple watch | GadgetGone


4: Click “Unpair Apple Watch”

how to reset apple watch | GadgetGone


5: Enter your Apple ID and Password to begin unpairing


6: Keep your iPhone near your Apple Watch for the duration of the unpairing process. Once your Apple Watch boots to the home screen it’s ready to be used by a new user

If these directions won’t work because your Apple Watch is broken or you lost your iPhone check out our more detailed instructions here

Apple Trade In

Where to Sell Your Apple Watch

Apple Store

This is arguably the best option on this entire list to sell your Apple Watch IF… (and only if) you’re selling your Apple Watch to buy an upgraded model or another Apple Product. Apple’s watch trade in prices are almost untouchable by many other companies because they’re essentially paying you above market value for your Watch as an incentive for you to buy a new Apple Product. Which brings us to the big caveat of using Apple Trade in; you can only trade in your Apple Watch for store credit. You can’t sell your Apple Watch for cash with Apple. Trading in at an Apple store is easiest, but you can also ship your Apple Watch to their headquarters and they’ll credit you the value after 2-3 weeks. 

Apple will pay $130 for our Apple Watch Series 4


  • High trade in value
  • Easy to use 


  • You can only get paid with store credit

Buyback Websites

Sell Your Apple Watch to a BuyBack Website


Buyback websites are one of the easiest, most convenient ways to sell your Apple Watch.

You’ll get an instant offer for your Apple Watch from any of these sites. If you like their offer just provide your contact info and they’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label so you can box up your Apple Watch and ship it out. That’s it! Once they receive your trade they’ll send payment. 


Sell Your Apple Watch to GadgetGone


GadgetGone will pay $160 for our Apple Watch Series 4

GadgetGone is a great all around way to sell your Apple Watch. Compared to other buyback sites our prices are very competitive and the selling process is fast and easy. Once you accept an offer we’ll email you a shipping label you can print from home. It will take 1-3 days for your Apple Watch to get to us after you ship it and then another 1-2 business days for our team to evaluate your Apple Watch and send your choice of a Check, PayPal Payment or Amazon Gift Card. GadgetGone maintains a laser focus on providing our customers a great experience and we’ve got the reviews to back that claim. 


  • Very competitive prices
  • Fast & Easy
  • Great customer service


  • Price won’t be as high as ebay or Swappa


Trade in Price: 9/10

Reviews: 9/10

Ease of use: 9/10

Sell your Apple Watch to Itsworthmore 

ItsWorthMore will pay $127 for our Apple Watch. – 4/24/20

Itsworthmore has great reviews and a streamlined trade-in process. That said, their trade in values can be hit or miss. When it comes to shipping your Apple Watch, Itsworthmore provides a free shipping label from your choice of UPS or Fedex. Some people don’t like to deal with the Post Office so having these shipping options is definitely a benefit of using Itsworthmore. They advertise a payment “typically within 72 hours of receiving your item(s) but may take up to five business days.” All in all this is a great option but make sure they’re offering a competitive price before selling with Itsworthmore. 


Trade In Price: 7/10

Reviews: 9/10

Ease of use: 9/10

Sell Your Apple Watch to Buyback Boss

Buyback Boss will pay $80 for our Series 4 Apple Watch. – 4/24/20

Buyback Boss is known for delivering top quality customer service. They take pride in making their customers happy and their reviews reflect that. Their selling prices for Apple Watches are fairly low compared to other buyback sites. If you’re feeling generous, Buyback Boss has an option to donate your payment to charity. Buyback Boss will typically send payment for your Apple Watch within 2 days after it arrives at their facility.


Trade in Price: 4/10

Reviews: 9/10

Ease of use: 9/10

Sell your Apple Watch to BuyBackWorld 

BuyBackWorld does not yet accept trade-ins for Series 4 Apple Watches. – 4/24/20

If you’d like to hit 2 birds with one stone (or maybe 100 birds) BuyBackWorld might be the option for you. In addition to selling your Apple Watch you can also sell old DVD’s, video games and even PDA’s (kids, if you’d like a lesson in ancient history google what a “PDA” is). Their trade in value for Apple Watches are usually some of the highest you’ll find. Buyback World advertises a turn around time of 3 days once your watch arrives at their office.

Trade in Price: 7/10

Reviews: 7/10

Ease of use: 7/10

Sell Your Apple Watch to MaxBack 

MaxBack will pay $113 for our Apple Watch – 4/24/20

MaxBack has been around since 2010 and has solid ratings. MaxBack offers mid-range trade in pricing for Apple Watches. If you sell your Apple Watch with them you can expect a 2 day turnaround time after your Apple watch is delivered.


Trade in Price: 6/10

Reviews: 8/10

Ease of use: 6/10



Sell Your Apple Watch to Trademore

Trademore will pay $109 for our Trade in – 4/24/20

Trademore is a bit of a mystery. Their corporate office is located at 600 Hidden Ridge, Irving, TX 75038. This address is a Verizon corporate office, which may point to Verizon secretly owning this company. They have an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau at the time of this article. You shouldn’t put too much stock in this rating though, as they aren’t paying for BBB accreditation. That said, they don’t have many reviews at all or much of an online presence which simply means their online reputation likely isn’t a top priority for them. Their Apple Watch prices are low compared to other services and they advertise an evaluation time of up to 5 days after they receive your Apple Watch, which is much longer than other companies. There’s not much going for TradeMore. While this company is certainly an option to sell your Apple Watch, there’s much better alternatives on this list.


Trade in Price: 5/10

Reviews: 5/10

Ease of use: 5/10

Sell Your Apple Watch to Decluttr

Decluttr will pay $140 for our Apple Watch Trade in – 4/24/20

Decluttr is known for having very competitive prices for Apple Watches. Their reviews are “OK”. They have 541 complaints on their Better Business Bureau profile as of the time this was written (which is a lot) but they’re also a very large company. We’d recommend doing a little research before deciding if you’d like to sell your Apple Watch to them or not. Like Buyback World, you can sell Decluttr all kinds of things (LEGO’s, books, CD’s etc) so it could be a good option if you need to do a little spring cleaning. Decluttr advertises that they’ll pay you the next business day after they receive your trade in, which is faster than other companies in the industry. 


Trade in price: 8/10

Reviews: 6/10

Ease of use: 7/10

Big Box Stores


Sell Your Apple Watch To Best Buy 

Best Buy has 2 selling options. You can go to your local Best Buy store and sell it in person, or you can mail it to them via their online platform. You do not want to mail it in. They have no advertised time frame for how long it will take them to evaluate your Apple Watch after it’s delivered to them and if you disagree with a revised offer they’ll make you pay for the return shipping (whereas if you disagree with a GadgetGone offer we’ll ship your Apple Watch back to you for free).  Best Buy trade-in prices are fairly competitive, but like Apple that’s only because they’ll only pay you with in store credit (in the form of a gift card). This is a good option if you need to buy something from Best Buy anyways and don’t mind getting a run of the mill selling price.

Best Buy will pay $90 for our series 4 – 4/24/20


  • You can sell your Apple Watch in person and get paid today
  • Trade in values are reasonable


  • You can only get paid with a Best Buy Gift Card 
  • Their online selling platform is terrible





Sell Your Apple Watch To Gamestop

Unlike BestBuy or Apple, GameStop will actually pay cash for your Apple Watch. Do they have spectacular selling prices? Nope, but you can get cash in hand today and although not great, their prices are at least reasonable. If you want to trade in your Apple Watch for GameStop store credit instead of selling for cash you can get about 20% more money.

GameStop offers a trade in value of $84 for our Apple Watch – 4/24/20




  • You can get cash in hand today for your Apple Watch


  • Payouts are lower than some other options 




Sell Your Apple Watch to Target

You can sell your Apple Watch to Target by going to any of their stores or by using their online trade in website. Like Best Buy, Target’s trade-in website isn’t great and you’re much better off going to a Target Store instead. You can choose to get paid either by PayPal or a Target Gift Card. Their prices are definitely on the lower side so you’re probably better off going to GameStop if you’re deciding between those 2 options.



  • You have the option of getting a PayPal payment instead of a gift card
Target is offering $90.21 for our Apple Watch Trade in – 4/24/20


  • Their trade in values are very low

Sell it Yourself


Sell Your Apple Watch on eBay

eBay is a double edged sword. On one hand you’ll likely get more money using ebay than you will anywhere else. On the other, eBay is notorious for scammers and there’s various fees and hoops to jump through to sell on their platform. All in all, you’ll probably spend about an hour of time creating the eBay listing and making a trip to the post office to buy postage yourself. You’ll also have to wait for your Apple Watch to sell and PayPal may hold your funds for up to 2 weeks if you’re a new seller. This method is definitely going to be the most work but is still a great option if you want to recoup every last dollar of value from your Apple Watch.


After fees we’ll get $220 – $250 for our Apple Watch selling on eBay


  • You can sell your Apple Watch for a very high price. 


  • This is a time investment and you’ll need some risk tolerance



Sell your Apple Watch on Swappa 

SwappaSwappa is a marketplace like eBay, but generally a better option for novice sellers. The big difference is in the fees. eBay charges sellers a 10% fee of the total sale value. On Swappa, your buyer pays the fee (not you), and it’s a very reasonable flat rate between $5 and $15. An added benefit to selling your Apple Watch on Swappa is the listing creating process is much simpler. But, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Swappa has a much smaller user base than eBay so it may take several weeks or longer for it to sell depending on how you price your Apple Watch. Like eBay, you’ll have to create a PayPal account to get paid and PayPal may hold your funds for several weeks if you’re a new seller. You can’t print a shipping label from Swappa so you’ll be on your own when it comes to shipping to your buyer. 


  • No fees!
  • High Trade in Value
We’re likely to get around $300 for our Apple Watch by selling on Swappa


  • May take several weeks to sell your Apple Watch on Swappa
  • You’ll have to buy postage yourself




Sell Your Apple Watch on Facebook Marketplace

Prices vary on Facebook Marketplace. We can expect to sell our Apple Watch for somewhere between $180 – $280.

Facebook Marketplace is basically Craigslist 2.0. This is a great option if you need to sell your Apple Watch for cash in hand, today. You probably already have a FaceBook account and creating a listing for your Apple Watch on Facebook is by far easier than eBay or Swappa. Here’s a sample selling description (by the way, this is also great template for eBay or Swappa):

“I’m selling an Apple Watch Sport, Series 3. Aluminum with GPS + Cellular connectivity. It’s Space Gray and comes with the band, charger and original box. This watch is in good condition with only some minor scratches. My iCloud account has already been removed so it’s ready to pair with your iPhone!”

People browsing Facebook Marketplace are generally looking for a good deal so don’t expect to get full market value when you sell your Apple Watch on this platform. Also, keep in mind anytime you meet up with a stranger there’s always an element of danger. It’s best to meet during the daytime at a public location if you decide to sell your Apple Watch locally. Insist on cash, do not accept any other form of payment.


  • Quick & Easy
  • Get paid with cash


  • Facebook deal hunters generally aren’t willing to pay market value for your Apple Watch
  • Meeting in person can be dangerous

Our Top Picks


Apple Trade-in: This is the best overall option if you’re upgrading to a new Apple Watch and want to cash in your old one in the process. They have very fair prices and if you go to an Apple Store you can complete both transactions at the same time. 

GadgetGone: If you’d rather sell your Apple Watch for cash, GadgetGone offers the best blend of value and convenience. 

Swappa: Swappa is our top pick if you want to get the most money possible. Selling an Apple Watch on Swappa is more work, but for many it’s well worth it. No fees and a simpler selling process puts it above eBay in our book.

Facebook Marketplace:  Facebook is the best choice for people who want to get fast cash for their Apple Watch. Selling price will vary widely but you can put cash in your pocket today using Facebook Marketplace.