Selling your iPhone online to GadgetGone is fast and easy. Following these few simple tips will make sure the the whole process goes off without a hitch. Keep in mind that while this post is catered towards selling to GadgetGone, the information is useful no matter where you plan to sell your iPhone online.


Step 1: Get an Offer & Checkout

Getting an offer for your iPhone on GadgetGone (or almost any other buyback website) is extremely simple. You just have to choose the model of your iPhone, the network, storage capacity and condition. The most important thing to pay attention to during this process is the condition. The condition customers get wrong most times is the flawless condition category. Almost all buyback companies have this category and in order to get that price your iPhone must be in brand new condition cosmetically speaking. If you think your iPhone is flawless make sure that you take the case off of your iPhone and examine it extensively under direct light. If your iPhone has even one scratch or blemish it won’t qualify for the flawless category. If you haven’t used your old iPhone recently make sure that you test out all of the buttons, speakers, microphones, etc to make sure that your iPhone functions properly. Often times people forget about a problem their old iPhone had and are surprised to hear about it when their iPhone is evaluated by our team. Making sure you read over the condition categories closely and verify that your iPhone fits that category will prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and delays in the payment process.

When you’re content with your offer press the accept button to head to checkout. When selecting you payment keep in mind the pros and cons of each method:


  • PayPal Paypal is great because the funds are instantly deposited into your PayPal account. You can transfer the money to your bank, use it for PayPal purchases or use the funds anywhere with your PayPal debit card. The only con when using PayPal is that PayPal will charge you an online seller fee of 2.9% of the total amount plus a 30 cent flat fee. On more expensive phones that fee can be quite hefty so it may not be the best option if you’re selling a newer phone like the iPhone X.


  • Mailed Check. A mailed check is the most traditional payment method and is a go-to if you don’t want to deal with hassle of setting up a PayPal account or dealing with an electronically delivered check. All banks accept traditional checks so you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any delays or surprises once the check arrives. The biggest con with a mailed check is that you will have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. The delivery speed for a check to arrive via USPS First Class Mail is 2-4 business days.


  • eCheck. eChecks are printable checks that are sent via email. They are available to be printed instantly and can be cashed just like a regular mailed check (you can even mobile-deposit them). You will need a printer an an internet connection to use this payment method. The only other con is that this is a newer payment method and bank tellers that have never seen an echeck before will sometimes reject the check without taking the time to verify it. This is rare, but there are some occasions where we end up having to send a customer a mailed check instead of an e-check because their bank won’t accept it.


Step 2: Prepare your iPhone for shipment

Once you’ve accepted an offer and gone through the checkout process it’s time to get prepare your iPhone for shipment. First, call your carrier and confirm that your iPhone is completely paid off and removed from your wireless account. If your iPhone still has a balance owed on it you’ll generally need to pay that off before your iPhone can be sold to a new user. Next, charge your iPhone battery (charging to 100% is preferred), this speeds up the process when we evaluate your iPhone. Erasing your iPhone is the most important step of the preparation process. Before erasing your data go to settings menu – general – about and record the IMEI number of your iPhone for your records. To erase your data go to settings menu – general – reset – erase all content and settings. This will remove all your personal data and bring the iPhone back to factory settings. Finally, turn your iPhone off and remove your SIM card. If you don’t know how to remove your SIM card or don’t care to that’s fine too, it will be disposed of after testing.


Step 3: Ship your iPhone

After checkout we’ll email you a link to your shipping label that you can access at anytime. Print out your shipping label using standard letter-size copy paper. If you don’t have a shipping label just send us an email and we’ll be happy to send you a copy in the mail.

We recommend shipping your iPhone in a small padded envelope (plastic envelopes are preferred over paper as they’re more durable). You can pick up these envelopes at most any general retail store. You’ll also need some packing tape and some kind of packaging material like bubble wrap. Once you have all of these items wrap your iPhone in bubble wrap, seal it in your envelope and tape on the label. Then head to your local post office or nearest USPS drop box and drop your package off in the bin.


Step 4: Check your email

Once we receive your iPhone we’ll send you an email to let you know. We’ll also send you an email to let you know when we’ve evaluated your device and any other pertinent information. Make sure you check your email frequently to keep up with status updates.


Step 5: Spend your cash

Once we evaluate your iPhone and send payment all that’s left to do is decide what to with the  cash you got from selling your iPhone online!

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