The iPhone 6 was one of the most innovative iPhone models Apple ever released. They remain one of the most in-demand pre-owned iPhone models so if you have an old one in your drawer it’s a great time to sell it.  How much you can get varies widely depending on where you decide to sell it. We’ve made a list of the top places to sell your iPhone 6 and how much they offer as of today (9/12/18).

Keep in mind that today is also the day Apple is releasing the new iPhone! That means these prices are bound to drop very soon but the companies offering the most now are likely to still be offering the most in the coming months. How much you can get depends on the storage capacity, networks and condition of your iPhone. We’ll use a 16GB unlocked model for the baseline prices. Most people either have an iPhone in good condition or one with a cracked screen so we’ll focus on how much you can get for those specific condition categories.



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eBay has 2 different selling methods. One is where you list the item for sale as an auction and sell it yourself. eBay gives you a “trending price” when making an auction. They can’t guarantee how much you’ll get for your iPhone but the trending price is what people are able to sell theirs for on average. Their other method is called “Quick Sale”. With Quick Sale eBay gives you an instant offer and you then send it to one of their “partners” who will pay you the offer price after you send it in for inspection. Here’s what you can currently get with both methods

Auction trending price:

Good Condition: $105

Cracked Screen: $64

Quick Sale:

Good Condition: $78.99

Cracked Screen: Quick Sale doesn’t accept iPhone 6’s with a cracked screen



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Glyde connects buyers and sellers without either party having to interact with one another or do any of the heavy liftings when it comes to the buying/selling process. The entire transaction and process are facilitated by Glyde which makes things much more convenient than selling on a marketplace like eBay. That convenience comes at a cost though. Glyde’s prices tend to be on the lower side. Here’s what they are currently offering :

Good Condition: $30

Cracked Screen: $27


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Sell Your iPhone 6 on GadgetGone



At GadgetGone, our offer prices are guaranteed. Meaning as long as you make sure your iPhone 6 meets all of the condition requirements you’re going to get the advertised price. Here are our prices as of today

Good Condition: $80

Cracked Screen: $75


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Gazelle is the largest buyback company in the USA. Like GadgetGone, their prices are guaranteed.

Good Condition: $50

Cracked Screen: Gazelle doesn’t accept iPhone 6’s with a cracked screen



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ecoATM is a little different than buyback website that requires you to ship your iPhone and wait for payment. All you have to do is go to an ecoATM kiosk near you and the machine will take evaluate your iPhone 6 and give you an on-the-spot cash offer. Here’s what they’ll give you for your iPhone 6

Good Condition: $50

Cracked Screen: $50


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Walmart has a trade-in program that offers Walmart gift cards in return for your iPhone 6 rather than cash. You’ll need to ship your iPhone to them to receive the funds but the process is straightforward. Their offers are:

Good Condition: $43

Cracked Screen: $6.50

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