People love iPhones. Every September Apple sets the benchmark when it comes to smartphone design. iPhones are beautiful, fast, reliable and intuitive. It’s really no wonder why Apple is widely considered the industry leader in the smartphone universe. One of the greatest perks of owning an iPhone is actually not owning it at all.

When you finally upgrade Apple reveals the last feature of your old iPhone, and it’s one you probably never knew about. Old iPhones retain their value better than any other smartphone, period. When you want to sell your old iPhone you’ll be selling it to one of the best and most stable re-sale markets in the world.

That means selling your old iPhone can be extremely easy and you’ll get quite a bit of your original investment back when you sell it. Here are a few tips on how to make selling your old iPhone even easier.

Remove Your Data

To remove your data just go to the settings app and select “general” – “reset” – “erase all content and settings”.

Cancel Your Service

Make sure to call your carrier and have them cancel service on your old phone. Also, ask them if your phone is completely paid off and free of any contractual obligations. If you don’t, the new owner may have trouble getting it activated on their account.

Pick a Place to Sell Your iPhone

We’ve made a whole post that outlines where you can sell your iPhone. Some of the best options include selling it locally or selling it to a buyback website like GadgetGone.

That’s it! Now you know how to sell your old iPhone. All that’s left is deciding where you’re going to spend all that cash.

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