Wondering what to do before selling your iPhone? Follow these quick steps to make sure your sale goes off without a hitch.

Call Your Carrier

Call your carrier and let them know that you’re selling your old iPhone. Ask them if the iPhone is completely paid off and free of any contractual obligations to make sure the next owner won’t have any problems getting it activated on their network. Also, ask your carrier to remove service from your old iPhone if applicable.

Erase your data | GadgetGone

If you don’t remove all of your personal data before selling your iPhone it’s inevitably going to cause problems for you and whoever you’re selling it to. The best way to remove your data is by going to settings menu – general – reset – erase all content and settings. That will completely wipe your iPhone of all your personal data and remove the iCloud lock.

Charge and Clean your iPhone

Charging your iPhone before selling it is extremely important. Anyone buying your iPhone is going to want to test it out before giving you the cash. If the iPhone isn’t charged when you sell it’s going to cause an unnecessary waste of time for you and your buyer. Cleaning your iPhone before selling it shows your buyer that you kept good care of it. Believe it or not, some people will back out of buying an iPhone if it’s too dirty. It’s also just a courteous thing to do.

That’s it! Your iPhone is now ready to be sold to another fan of Apple products. If you’re not sure where you’re selling it yet checkout GadgetGone. We offer the highest trade-in values online, free shipping and fast payments. Get an instant quote now to see what we can pay for your old iPhone!

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