The iPhone 6 was one of the most popular iPhone models of all time. So popular in fact, that it’s still one of the most sought after pre-owned iPhone models to this day. That means if you’re looking to sell your iPhone 6 for cash you’re in luck. Your old iPhone 6 could still be worth well over $100 if you know where to sell it and there are quite a few options to do just that.

Sell Your iPhone 6 Locally

One of the best places to sell your iPhone 6 for cash is local. Local buyers are ready and willing to buy your iPhone 6 and the best part is you can get the cash today! The 2 best places to sell your iPhone 6 locally is Facebook “for-sale” pages and Craigslist. To find a Facebook for-sale page in your area just search your city name and “for sale” in the Facebook search bar. There’s bound to be several for-sale pages in your area. Whether you’re selling on Craigslist or FaceBook (or both) all you need to do is write a brief description of your iPhone 6, take a few pictures of it and specify an asking price. Here’s a good description template for listing your iPhone 6 for sale.

“For sale is a Gold Apple iPhone 6. It’s 64GB and ready for activation on the AT&T network. It’s fully functional and in good condition with only a few minor scratches and dings.”

The two most important things to remember when selling your iPhone 6 locally is to make sure to name a fair price and only meet buyers in a safe, public place.

Sell your iPhone 6 on Swappa

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Another great place to sell your iPhone 6 is on Swappa. It’s very similar to selling on eBay but the great thing about Swappa is that you don’t have to pay any seller fees. eBay charges a 10% “final value fee” so you’ll save $10-$15 by using Swappa instead of eBay. They also specialize in helping people sell tech devices so the whole process is little more catered towards making your selling process easy. One caveat is that you will need to open a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. PayPal will take 2.9% of your total payment as their ‘seller fee”. Your buyer can also open an “item not as described” case for up to 180 days after they purchase the device so keep in mind that there’s always a possibility of your buyer breaking the device months down the road and then requesting a refund from you. You may also need to answer and respond to an email from potential buyers and keep in mind that your device could potentially sit for several weeks before selling if you don’t price it just right. You’ll also be responsible for all shipping costs if your item sells.

Sell Your iPhone 6 to GadgetGone

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Sell your iPhone 6 to GadgetGone


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