Looking for a place to send your old phone? You’re not alone, almost 40 billion dollars worth of pre-owned smartphones are sold each year. That’s hundreds of millions of smartphones each year. There’s a huge network of businesses that help facilitate the sale of all of these smartphones. Here are some of your best options when you’re looking to send off your old phone to a new home.


Send your phone to a Charity

Selling your old phone is the most common reason for sending off your old phone. However, if you don’t necessarily need the money for your old phone, consider sending it to a charity that will use your cell phone to help those in need.

Medic Mobile is one such charity. They recycle your old phone to fund healthcare programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Healthcare workers use phones to register pregnancies, track disease outbreaks, better communicate emergencies, etc.

Another great charity is Secure The Call. They’ll repurpose your old phone by sending it to Domestic Violence Centers, Senior Citizen Centers, Police and Sheriff departments. These entities, in turn, give them to people who don’t currently have a way to dial emergency services. Your donation to this charity can literally save lives.

Send your phone to a buyback website

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BuyBack websites will pay you for your old smartphone. Generally speaking, all you have to do is erase your phone and send it to them with a free shipping label. Once the company receives your phone they’ll inspect it and send your payment. Buyback websites are one of the easiest, profitable and convenient ways of sending your old phone. If you decide to use a buyback website consider using GadgetGone.com. We have the guaranteed highest offers, fast payments and outstanding customer service.


Send your phone to be responsibly recycled

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If you just want to get do a little decluttering and don’t care to sell or donate your old phone at least make sure it’s disposed of properly. Waste from cell phone components can have very negative impacts on the environment. Recycling your phone is very easy to do and will ensure that your phone doesn’t contaminate our environment. All BestBuy and Target retail locations have a smartphone recycling bin right in front of their store. Check out our article about environmentally conscious decluttering for more about recycling your old phone.

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