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Cracking your iPhone means cracking your wallet, no way around it. Luckily, you’ve got more options than we’ve got puns & GadgetGone is in a unique position of being able to offer an educated (and unbiased) opinion of where to repair your iPhone screen. We know a lot about repairing iPhone screens only because we purchase damaged iPhones & spruce them up for resale. So without further adieu, here’s the top places for iPhone screen repair.


The Apple Store

(Best option for the wealthy)

Apple Store

Apple is the best choice if you need the comfort of knowing your phone is 100% good as new after being repaired. When Apple repairs your iPhone screen you can rest easy knowing they’re using genuine Apple parts, installed by highly trained professionals. The repaired parts will be warranted for a minimum of 90 days or the rest of your Apple warranty, whichever is longer. The problem with Apple screen repair is it often doesn’t make sense for older model iPhones. For example, the cost for Apple to repair an iPhone 7 screen is $149. You can buy an iPhone 7 on eBay (in mint condition) for the same price AND keep your cracked one as a family heirloom for that price. For that reason, generally speaking we don’t recommend using Apple to replace your iPhone screen unless you have one of the newest models (like the iPhone XS or iPhone 11 pro).


Apple Authorized Repair Centers

(Best option if you wish you lived near an Apple Store)

Apple authorized repair centers offer all the advantages of getting your device fixed by Apple, but chances are there’s actually one in your town if you don’t live close to an Apple Store. For example, Best Buy is an Apple authorized screen repair center. The prices will be exactly the same as Apple’s and the only real disadvantage is that the staff will likely be a bit less knowledgeable than an Apple Genius and they might try to sell you a refrigerator. You can find an authorized repair center here



(Best option for the frugal & adventurous)

It’s true, in addition to Jesus Toast you can also get your screen repaired on ebay. eBay has various vendors that offer mail-in iPhone screen repair services. Here’s how it works: you pay for the repair upfront, ship them your iPhone & they’ll repair and ship it back to you for free. The biggest draw-back is clearly that it’s super sketchy to send your iPhone to a random ebay seller, right? Trust us, we hear you.

We’re only recommending one specific ebay seller, and only because in the past (before we had our own in-house repair techs) we sent this company all of our cracked iPhones and they did a great job repairing them. The reason it’s a killer deal is because they have specialized equipment that allows them to only replace the glass portion of the screen instead of the entire LCD. The glass portion of the screen is super cheap so they’re able to fix screens for next to nothing and pass the savings on to customers. The added benefit is you get to keep your genuine Apple LCD instead of getting it replaced with a lower quality 3rd party screen. The price speaks for itself, as of the time of this article the glass repair cost on any of these iPhones models is just $24.99


Screen Repair Equipment
Image Source: Techspert Repair
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus 

Here’s a link to their ebay store

They advertise a 1-3 day repair time but speaking from experience we can say it may take a week or slightly more if they’re backed up. This option only makes sense if you can be without your iPhone for at least a week and only the glass itself is broken, not the LCD underneath. Also, they can’t replace the glass if your iPhone screen has already been previously repaired.


3rd Party Repair Shops

(Best option for compromisers)

Local repair iPhone repair stores like ubreakifix, Experimax, etc are a middle of the road option. You’re going to get a quality screen replacement and generally speaking you can figure on paying about $50 to $80 less than whatever Apple is charging. The caveat is you’re going to get an aftermarket screen that, while still “good”, is not the same quality as Apple’s and could potentially void any remaining Apple warranty if it’s not installed correctly. Also, keep in mind that if you ever sell the iPhone it could be worth less because of the aftermarket screen. Before going this route make sure you’re getting at least a 90 day warranty for parts and labor, which is standard for the industry. Click here to see repair shops near you.


Repair it yourself

(Best option for the brave)

Funny men repairing iPhone screenPossibly the best part of repairing an iPhone screen yourself is that it basically makes you an Apple Genius. You may even want to write that down on your resume. But can you actually pull off a repair yourself? Definitely maybe. If you’re handy or have tinkered with repairs of any kind before you can probably handle repairing the screen yourself, and you’ll save some green for your trouble. iFixit has very detailed guides on how to repair the screen for every iPhone model. Check them out and decide for yourself if you’re equipped to do the repair.

We also recommend purchasing your screen from iFixit, they’re very high quality for 3rd party screens and reasonably priced (we have personally used their screens in the past). Replacing the screen yourself will likely take you about an hour and the cost ranges from $50 to $80 for the screen and tool kit depending on your model. If that seems expensive, keep in mind you can get screens much cheaper on ebay but the quality is hit or miss.


Don’t repair it at all

(Best option for the lazy genius) 

Smart dog realizes he can sell his iPhone instead of repairingThe last option for repairing your iPhone screen is quite clever and we can actually help you out with this one. Just sell it and buy a replacement. You’d probably be surprised to hear that cracked iPhones can be sold for a price very comparable to ones in good condition. Here’s a simple example of why this option makes so much sense: 


Current, actual market value for a cracked iPhone 7 (32GB unlocked): $65

Current, actual market price of the same model in good condition: $115      

If you followed this method you’d only take a $50 loss by selling your damaged iPhone 7 and buying another one instead of shelling out $149 to Apple, $97 to ubreakifix or $70 and fixing it yourself. On top of that, you’ll never be without a phone because you can keep using your cracked one up until the point you purchase a replacement. GadgetGone is one of only a handful of places that will offer you a solid, instant offer for a cracked iPhone. If you’re interested in the other ways to sell your cracked iPhone check out this article

Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about iPhone screen repair. Any of these option will serve you well so there’s no reason not to take care of that screen ASAP. A final thought, once you get that shiny new screen buy a case and glass screen protector for it this go-round.


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