So…you dropped your iPhone. Your screen looks like you played racquetball with it. Your heart had a similar reaction. And the thought of buying a replacement could very well shatter your wallet, as far as you can tell. But now comes a crucial decision: Do I keep using this iPhone and deal with the judgmental looks and bandages on my fingers? Or, do I shell out $200 for Apple to replace the screen? Well, there’s actually a third option to consider. You can sell your iPhone with a cracked screen for cold, hard cash. Yes, before you ask, “Can I sell my cracked iPhone?”, you sure can.


Can I sell my cracked iPhone?
I may not be broken, but my phone is.


Professional refurbishing companies purchase cracked iPhones in bulk and replace the screens for much cheaper than Apple can. That means your cracked iPhone is actually worth quite a bit of money. In some cases, an iPhone with the screen cracked can even be re-sold for only $30-$50 less than one in good condition. You can use that money towards the purchase of an upgraded iPhone or even just to buy the same model again, taking only a $50 loss instead of the $200+ getting it fixed by Apple

That said, don’t rush out and get rid of it just yet. Before selling your cracked iPhone, be sure to erase your data by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings, so that it’s back to factory settings and doesn’t have all your phone numbers (your grandmother doesn’t need the hassle from strangers). 

Then, decide where you’re going to sell it. Luckily, there’s a much smaller market and demand for cracked iPhones than ones in good condition, so we’d advise against trying to sell locally and instead find a buyer online. (ecoATM doesn’t offer much these days for them anyway, save for iPhone 12s – and it’s a process getting through that.) For broken iPhones, eBay and buyback websites like GadgetGone are going to be your best bet.


Is eBay a Viable Option?

If you decide to sell your cracked iPhone on eBay, make absolutely sure that you select the “For parts or not working” condition category. If you select the “Used” condition category, there’s a good chance that a buyer will not read your ad and buy it under the assumption that your iPhone is functional and in good cosmetic condition (and considering the situation, that simply isn’t true). This’ll lead to a refund scenario where you end up losing money, including shipping from the consumer.


To sell a cracked iPhone on eBay, select the "For parts or not working" condition category.
Here’s an older listing, but you can totally sell your newer device on eBay as well.

In your description, make sure that you mention that your iPhone has a clean IMEI, isn’t locked to the Cloud (check your settings to make absolutely sure this isn’t the case), and is fully functional aside from the cracks. Here’s a good description template for a cracked iPhone:

“For sale is an iPhone (insert model) with a cracked display. Other than being cracked, the iPhone is fully functional. My iCloud account has been removed and this iPhone is clean for activation.” (Again, make sure you make note of the category, and include pictures.)

We recommend using an auction-style listing for cracked-screen iPhones, as it’s very hard for novice sellers to find the perfect price with a buy-it-now listing. You don’t want to price it too low and risk leaving money on the table or too high and have to re-list it because it didn’t sell the first time. Keep in mind that if your item sells, eBay takes a while to pay out the funds to you – usually a 48 to 72 hour period with their current set-up. It could take even longer if you sell the item over the weekend, since banks don’t open back up in full until Monday.


Looking For a Better Option? How About GadgetGone?

If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of eBay, a buyback website like GadgetGone is going to be your best option. (And of course we recommend ourselves, because, well, our customers love us!) All you have to do is get an instant quote online, ship your iPhone, and wait for payment to come in.



How to sell your cracked iPhone to GadgetGone
Look how easy the process is! (Not over-gushing, we swear.)

Some advice, though: While other buyback websites are very easy to use, many of them don’t offer the best price for cracked iPhones. Frankly, many don’t even offer anything compared to what the phone is usually worth. 

Quite a few buyback websites just have a “broken” or “damaged” condition category that will result in a number of issues. As a result, they’ll offer a low-ball price for your cracked or damaged-screen iPhone. Mere pennies on the dollar, sadly.

At GadgetGone, we actually have a “cracked” condition category for most iPhone models (from iPhone 6 through iPhone 13 models, currently). This category pays much higher than other damaged categories because we know how easy it is to simply fix a cracked phone screen. Very few websites offer this category, so take a look around before choosing a company to sell to. And for that matter, make sure the offer is locked in. (Not to toot our own horn or anything, but GadgetGone allows a 14-day lock-in on your current price, even if the iPhone 14 is introduced, say, tomorrow.)

So why is GadgetGone one of the best options out there for your cracked iPhone? Well, we are proud to have some of the consistently highest offers among buyback websites. Plus, with our PriceMatch+ guarantee, you’ll know you’re getting the most money for your device, even cracked phones. If you received a higher quote from one of our competitors (as long as it’s a reputable online trade-in company—no funny business), we’ll totally match it, and, again, lock in the rate for two weeks.

Just make sure to take care of your cracked iPhone in the meantime before you send it in. You don’t need to drop it again. Or worse, let the dog get a hold of it. Ruff, indeed.


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