Is The New iPad Air 5 The Right Choice For You?

iPad Air 5 | GadgetGone

This past week, Apple hosted a new event where it showcased its latest devices – including the iPad Air 5. Well, technically, it’s called the iPad Air, but it’s the 5th generation in its line-up, comfortably sitting between the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro.     The previous version of the iPad Air already …Continue Reading

The Best iPad Accessories of 2022 (So Far)

best iPad accessories | GadgetGone

So you’ve finally got an iPad! But now the real question is…what are the best iPad accessories to get for it? You may be thinking that a carrying case or protective sleeve might be enough, but there’s so much more you can get for it. A wireless speaker would boost the sound for your next …Continue Reading

Is iPad Pro Worth It To Upgrade? Here Are 5 Helpful Answers

ipad Pro Worth It | GadgetGone

Remember the last time you walked past an Apple store, and asked yourself, “Hey, is the iPad Pro worth it when it comes to upgrading?” You’re not the only one. The 5th generation of the device is Apple’s most alluring yet, a tour-de-force in handheld technology. What’s more, there are different versions available, with two …Continue Reading

Buying a Used iPad – 5 Important Things To Keep In Mind

buying a used iPad | GadgetGone

There’s value in hunting down a used item compared to a new one. Whether it’s buying a used iPad, picking up pre-owned games at the local GameStop, or even picking up a used car (preferably with four wheels and a working engine), it’s possible to score a good deal on a well-working item. That saves …Continue Reading

The 9 Best iPad Mini Cases For Your Money

iPad Mini Case | GadgetGone

The iPad Mini 6 is a wondrous little device, capable of many things. But it doesn’t hurt to have an iPad Mini case to protect it. Like most of Apple’s technological wonders, it can be easily damaged with something as simple as a drop on the floor. So you’ll want to ensure that doesn’t happen …Continue Reading

Best Buy MacBook Trade-In: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Best Buy MacBook Trade-In | GadgetGone

Apple’s MacBook computers are so wonderfully built. They’re easy to use, dependable, and provide long-lasting technology, whether you’re using it at the office or watching movies at home. But if there’s one thing you can expect from Apple, it’s that a new, eye-catching model is just around the corner. As a result, some consumers may …Continue Reading

A 4-Step Guide To Finding a MacBook On eBay

eBay | GadgetGone

With so many options available for buying on eBay, you may be tempted to purchase your next item there – especially if you’re getting a MacBook. But before suggesting the obvious (like paying our store a visit), let’s pose a question. Is it safe to buy a MacBook secondhand these days? There are obviously questionable …Continue Reading

How To Clean a MacBook Screen In 3 Simple Steps

macbook screen | GadgetGone

Unless you have a live-in maid or a service that takes care of cleaning up your home or office, you’re going to see something get on your MacBook screen. It happens – a smudge from eating breakfast here (shouldn’t have had waffles), an accidental sneeze there. It can get pretty dirty if you’re not careful, …Continue Reading

iPhone Says “No SIM”? Fix It in 9 Easy Steps

tiny man standing on a cellphone holding a SIM card

Blame it on its minuscule size and hidden location, but a SIM card is one of those things you tend to forget about until it stops working. With it, your iPhone is a dazzling piece of modern technology – able to make calls to the other side of the globe, fire off texts, and access …Continue Reading

What iPhone Do I Have Again? 5 Tips To Help You Out

Look on the back of your iPhone for its model number

Since 2007, Apple has been popping out new iterations of the iPhone like it’s their job (because, well, it is). And although each generation brings something new to the table, those changes aren’t always easy to see at a glance—especially if you aren’t staring at iPhones day in and day out like we are.  So, …Continue Reading

MacBook Trade-In (and Cash) Values For 2022

MacBook Trade-In | GadgetGone

There are a number of reasons why you would look at MacBook trade-in values. Perhaps you’ve had a model for years and you’ve finally gotten around to upgrading to a new model. Maybe you’ve just found that it isn’t to your liking and just wanted a better laptop. Or maybe you just prefer working on …Continue Reading

iPad Battery Draining Fast? Fix the Problem in 4 Steps!

Woman using an iPad with a draining iPad battery

Here’s the situation. Your iPad battery reads 22%, dangerously close to the dreaded low battery warning. But didn’t you charge it just a little while ago? It seems to be going pretty quickly these days. Before you go wondering if your iPad is broken, we’re here to help you with getting it back up to …Continue Reading

The Best MacBook Accessories You Can Buy In 2022

MacBook Accessories | GadgetGone

A lot of us own a MacBook, as well as those supportive MacBook accessories. Be it one of the original models, a sleek MacBook Pro or a convenient MacBook Air, Apple’s computers can go a long way in helping us with day-to-day needs. But with everything that you have your computer doing, it never hurts …Continue Reading

How To Remove Your iCloud Account Remotely In 6 Easy Steps

iCloud logo

Before selling your iPhone (or possibly giving it to someone else), there are a few things you need to do in the iCloud in order to keep your information safe and ensure that your old iPhone is able to be used by its new owner. This includes restoring it to factory settings and removing your …Continue Reading

How Much Is an iPhone 11 Worth? A Complete Guide

How much is an iPhone 11 worth?

Despite a new iPhone launching every year, Appel’s older models are still maintaining strong resale values. The iPhone 11 is now 3 generations behind the newest iPhone 14 series. However, it remains one of the most popular models on the second hand market. That means if you have an iPhone 11 you’re looking to get …Continue Reading

How To Connect AirPods To a MacBook In 5 Trouble-Free Steps

connect airpods | GadgetGone

No matter what you may be using a MacBook for, there are going to be situations that require you to connect AirPods or use a headset. Whether it’s a business meeting that doesn’t quite pick up your voice clearly enough on its default microphone, or you trying to listen to classic rock in a confined …Continue Reading

How To Unlock Your iPhone Through 3 Popular Manufacturers

How to unlock iPhones

Let’s say you’ve finally got your phone paid off after, what, several months of payment? And now you’re ready to travel overseas (COVID permitting) and need to unlock your iPhone for the trip. With that, you’ll want to make sure everything is set to go, before you go looking for a better offer through another …Continue Reading

How Much Is an iPhone 12 Worth? Quite a Bit, Actually

iphone 12 | GadgetGone

If you’ve been yearning to get an iPhone 13 upgrade, you might be asking yourself at some point, “How much is an iPhone 12 worth?” Considering that the iPhone 12 isn’t even that old, there are a lot of people out there that still enjoy them. And why not? Apple’s technology has significant value, thanks …Continue Reading

How Much Is an iPhone 6 Worth? (Winter 2021)

How much is an iPhone 6 or 6s worth?

Do you know someone who still has an iPhone 7? What about an iPhone 6, or maybe even a 5s? Chances are that, even though these iPhones came out between four to seven years ago, someone you know still owns and uses one. If that someone you know is you, you’re not alone. In fact, …Continue Reading

Face ID Not Working? Try These 6 Convenient Tips

sad woman's face id not working on iPhone

Ever since it added it to the iPhone line-up years ago, Face ID has become a prominent part of its features list. Users can utilize it to unlock their phones, check their bank balance, and, of course, take amazing selfies for the world to see. That said, there comes a time when the “Face ID …Continue Reading

How Much Is an iPhone 7 Worth? A Pretty Great Amount

How much is an iPhone 7 worth?

In this crazy day and age, there are a few inarguable truths: people still can’t find a PlayStation 5; TikTok challenges still don’t make any sense; and people are still obsessed with iPhones. While there’s not a lot of mystery surrounding the previous things (supply and demand, and…okay, we can’t figure out the other one), …Continue Reading

Is Apple Trade-In Worth It? 3 Helpful Points To Follow

Apple Trade In Program Review

If you’re a fan of Apple, there’s no getting around it – you like getting new devices. Whether it’s a shiny new MacBook with a bunch of new tricks or an iPhone with a snazzy new camera, there’s always something new to enjoy. So, of course, you ask, “What do I do with my old …Continue Reading

The Back of My iPhone Cracked – Now What?

Back of iPhone cracked - Can you fix it?

Sleek and shiny, your iPhone’s glass shell is a thing of indisputable beauty – that is, until you inevitably drop it on the ground only to watch its back shatter in slow-mo into a hundred glittering pieces. Meanwhile, the investment that you once used to take cute dog photos and tweet hot takes with abandon …Continue Reading

How Much Is an iPhone 8 Worth? A Helpful Guide

How much is an iPhone 8 worth?

Since the first iPhone was released in September 2007, consumers have flocked to each new passing model over the years, even going so far as to stand in line for hours (and camping out!), waiting for their chance to own the company’s latest device. But just what inspires this level of addiction? Well, it comes …Continue Reading

AppleCare: What Is It? Do I Have It? Is It Worth It?

Is AppleCare worth it?

For us here at GadgetGone, unboxing a new Apple device feels a bit like opening up a really great birthday gift. Shiny and with many fun buttons to press, we love discovering what makes our new devices tick. However, what happens if it mysteriously stops working or you drop it? Or worse yet, lose it? …Continue Reading

MacBook — Should You Buy Used? 3 Tips For a Simpler Search

macbook | GadgetGone

In the market for a new MacBook? Hey, who isn’t. It’s convenient to have whether you’re at work busting away on reports or simply relaxing by the pool and watching a movie. So what is the most reliable option to go with? There’s a lot to choose from. Apple has sold reliable computers over the …Continue Reading

How To Factory Reset Your MacBook In 6 Convenient Steps


Apple’s MacBook is a nice piece of tech, a laptop that performs well under pressure and is capable of so much. That said, it’s not exactly perfect, and there’s always a new model that comes along and outshines it in terms of features. And then there’s the occasional technical issue, which begs the question…”How do …Continue Reading

Can I Sell My Cracked iPhone?

man wondering where to sell cracked iPhone online for cash

You dropped your iPhone. It shattered your screen. It shattered your heart. Heck, it might have even shattered your dreams (okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but it definitely stinks to crack your screen). Now you’re left with a decision: Do I keep using this iPhone and deal with the judgmental looks and bandaged fingers? …Continue Reading

7 Easy Tips to Optimize iPhone Storage

How to optimize iPhone storage

It’s inevitable. No matter how much storage you have on your phone, you’re going to run into a “Storage Almost Full” message. Maybe it’s when you tried to download Avengers Endgame in 4K. Or you tried to store that folder of 153 pictures of your dog. Or tried to download the latest update to Puzzle …Continue Reading

iCloud Storage Full? 4 Steps to Free Up Space

iCloud Storage Full

Let’s say you’re uploading some more family photos to your iCloud storage – or maybe even some photos of the doggo, because they aren’t going to upload themselves. But then the darndest thing happens – you get the “iCloud storage full” message! It happens, since a few gigabytes can only go so far. But don’t …Continue Reading

6 Steps To Restore Your MacBook Power To Full Health

macbook power | GadgetGone

We know how it can be when one of your electronic devices won’t turn on when you need it to. But what if your MacBook power suddenly goes out, right when you need it the most?! More and more users these days turn to Apple’s laptop line for a number of reasons. Be it using …Continue Reading

Got an iPhone Virus? Fix It in 3 Useful Steps

Can iPhones get viruses?

Ugh, viruses stink. They’ve been around for some time. And usually, they’re developed by hackers who wish to break into your device and obtain vital information like bank details, passwords, and more.  Fortunately for Apple fans everywhere, there’s very little reason to panic. Their devices come with several security layers to prevent viruses from gaining …Continue Reading

Best Buy Trade-In: Is It Worth It?

Best Buy Trade-In Program Review

Every year, tech companies like Apple unleash new gadgets touting perks like smart features and sleek designs. These products don’t just usher in new beginnings – they also make many people head to retailers like Best Buy just so they can pick up these devices. That means needing to make room for this new tech …Continue Reading

5 Painless Troubleshooting Tips for Android Viruses & Malware

How to know if an iPhone has a virus

Does it feel like your Android phone is running slower than the last 45 minutes of the workday? Does your battery drain rapidly? Do you experience frequent app crashes, screen glitches, unexpected charges on your account, or pop-up ads even when your internet browser isn’t open?  If you’ve noticed these or other frustrating malfunctions, you …Continue Reading

AirDrop Not Working? 7 Tips To Make It Secure Again

Group of people on their devices

Let’s say you grab your iPhone so you can bombard your bestie with memes and adorable cat pics or share a fascinating article with a colleague. Suddenly, gasp! Your AirDrop’s not working. So frustrating! Don’t sweat it, though. There are a few things you can do to get AirDrop up and running (and you sharing/trolling …Continue Reading

How to Check Your iPhone Battery Health In 10 Painless Minutes

How to check iPhone battery health?

Taking care of your phone can be a handful. There’s finding a good case to protect it, keeping it safe from scratches, and activating your AppleCare+ program to make sure it’s secure. There is one battle, however, that we just don’t see coming: the slow-but-steady decay of our iPhone battery health. Eventually, the once-pristine health …Continue Reading

3 Convenient Ways to Export Contacts from iPhone

How to back up contacts from iPhone to PC

Thinking about ditching your iPhone and trying your luck with Android, but worried you won’t be able to keep your precious contacts? Just updated to Windows 10 and needing to share your iPhone contacts with your PC? Worried about a catastrophic iCloud outage and pondering setting up something offline just in case? Whatever your reasons …Continue Reading

The Best 6 Options For iPhone Screen Repair

Repairing iPhone Screen

It happens. Sometimes you drop your phone or set something on it, and all of a sudden you’ve got a cracked screen. What’s worse, trying to use said cracked screen for day to day life. It just doesn’t work. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with it, as there are many options available when …Continue Reading

T-Mobile’s Trade-In Program: 3 Tips To Help You Love It or Leave It

T-Mobile Device Trade-In Program Review

Eventually, everyone out there finds a need to upgrade. Whether it’s the excitement of having something new and shiny in your life, or finding something that’s simply more efficient and easier to use, there’s always a reason to get the next big thing from a company. This includes smartphones, with new models consistently introduced to …Continue Reading

5 Best Places to Trade in an Apple Watch For Cash

apple watch | GadgetGone

So you bought an Apple Watch. At first you loved it, but maybe you’ve come to resent it or you just can’t figure it out like you could a classic Casio. Whatever the case, you just feel like getting rid of it and using the money to move on to something else. But how can …Continue Reading

How To Easily Restore Your iPhone 13 (Updated February 2022)

iphone 13 | GadgetGone

Sometimes a situation comes up where you need to restore or reset your iPhone 13 (or other model of your choosing). It may have been one you picked up from a pawn shop or online seller that wasn’t properly reset; or, for that matter, it may have a technical issue that requires a full-blown restart …Continue Reading

6 Convenient Steps To Get Your Google Pixel Ready To Resell

google pixel | GadgetGone

One thing we’ve learned about the mobile market is that there’s always room for improvement. While the original Google Pixel device made a splash when it debuted back in 2013, it’s since been replaced by superior models with updated features. Currently, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro offer Google’s best peripherals to date, with …Continue Reading

Which iPhone Is Best For Gamers? A Helpful 5 Step Guide

iphone | GadgetGone

There are lots of people out there that enjoy the simple pleasures of mobile games. Whether it’s a quick arcade-style experience (like Angry Birds or Pac-Man), or something with a greater sense of depth (such as the multiplayer friendly hits Call of Duty and Among Us), there’s literally something for everyone.   That said, there …Continue Reading

How To Get Your iPhone Ready For Resale

man cleaning his iPhone

Getting a new iPhone model and want to get rid of your previous one? Selling your old peripheral has never been easier than it is today. Even better, iPhones hold onto more value than any other smartphone, thanks to Apple’s devotion to technology and continuous operating system updates.  Luckily for you, that means there’s a …Continue Reading

An Easy Guide to Shipping Cell Phones With USPS, FedEx or UPS

How to Ship Your iPhone

Cell phones are becoming more and more expensive these days. With the latest flagship models going just a bit over $1,000, you’re probably looking to sell your old model to help offset the cost of your latest investment. Fortunately, there are a wealth of online trade-in options out there for you to choose from. (Oh, …Continue Reading

How Much is an iPhone 13 Worth? A Tremendous Amount

iPhone 13 worth | GadgetGone

It might be too soon to ask, “How much is an iPhone 13 worth?”, but hear us out. If there is one thing that’s certain, Apple will always have a new iPhone device ready to replace its previous one. And with it, it’ll introduce some additional features that millions of consumers will want to try …Continue Reading

Gazelle Trade-In: Steal, Deal, or Scam? (Updated January 2022)

Phone with Gazelle trade-in next to a laptop

Got an old phone collecting dust in your desk drawer? Turn that useless clunker into cash! You know iPhones are valuable – even when they’re models like the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. Unfortunately, many people don’t even know that it’s possible to transform their unused electronics into cash, let alone the best way to …Continue Reading

The 16 Best Cell Phone Insurance Plans for 2021

Hands holding money, credit cards, piggy bank and mobile phone - Is cell phone insurance worth it?

Upgrade day. For many people, the day they swap out their old phone for a newer model is like a pseudo-Christmas for grown-ups. You open the box to find a shiny new toy, then spend the next couple of hours pressing buttons, trying out new features, and getting the settings *just right*. Before all the …Continue Reading

Is Amazon Trade-In a Good Deal? (Updated January 2022)

Amazon Trade-In Review

With the start of a new year, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra cash on hand. You could have a yard sale, hit up Facebook Marketplace to sell your unwanted items or furniture, or find a quality buyback program to trade in your older electronic devices. Out of all of these, your easiest option …Continue Reading

How Much Is an iPhone SE Worth? (Updated February 2022)

How much is an iPhone SE worth?

Apple has a firm – and continuous – trend of loading its products with quality. From top tier design to ongoing support for and access to software updates regardless of which iPhone you have, they’ve got enough to keep millions of consumers coming back for years. Even the iPhone SE worth is still pretty high. …Continue Reading

Getting Great Value Out of Your iPhone XS (Updated February 2022)

How much is an iPhone XS worth?

Aside from getting hundreds of millions of consumers to spend their money on a new iPhone model each passing year, there’s one thing Apple does incredibly well – making high-quality, cutting-edge smartphones with features that keep consumers coming back for more. For those that own it, this includes quite a bit of iPhone XS worth. …Continue Reading

How Much Is an iPhone XR Worth? (January 2022)

How much is an iPhone XR worth?

Before we get into what the iPhone XR worth is, let’s provide a refresher. For over a decade, Apple fans across the globe have gone a bit, shall we say, “bonkers” whenever a new model of their favorite device drops. Standing in long lines, camping outside stores, even dressing up in costume for the occasion …Continue Reading