At GadgetGone, we’re working diligently to keep our team & customers safe and informed during the coronavirus outbreak. Designated as an essential business in the state of Florida, we’ll be open throughout this pandemic to provide our customers with the same fast and courteous service they’re accustomed to.


Precautions we’re taking

  • Devices are cleaned and sanitized by gloved employees prior to being distributed to the rest of our team for evaluation.
  • All team members are following CDC guidelines for hand-washing / hand sanitization and are working a safe distance from each-other.
  • Employees showing any signs of illness are asked to stay home.

How you can help

You can help keep our team safe and do your part to stop the spread of coronavirus by:
  • Washing your hands before packaging up your devices
  • Wiping your devices with a rag and rubbing alcohol before shipment

Thanks for using GadgetGone and stay safe!