So you bought an Apple Watch. At first you loved it, but maybe you’ve come to resent it or you just can’t figure it out like you could a classic Casio. Whatever the case, you just feel like getting rid of it and using the money to move on to something else.

But how can you get top dollar for your watch? That’s where we come in. GadgetGone offers a tremendous value on several Apple Watches. If you feel like shopping around, however, we’ve put together a small guide that will explain how to get the most out of your watch, no matter where you end up going.


How Much Will You Get?

The amount you get from your Apple Watch may vary, depending on case size, connectivity, case type and condition. For this particular test, however, we’re going with a newer model. We’ve chosen the Apple Watch Series 7 with an 41mm sized aluminum case, GPS connectivity, and in good condition.

What kind of cash can you get for your Apple Watch?
One of the examples of Apple Watches you can buy or sell.

Again, if you have a different model, you’ll need to check its worth separately. But this guide will break down what each trade-in location has to offer on it – and sometimes the differences can be as clear as night and day.

Just remember, before you sell anythingmake sure you factory reset your Watch. Luckily, we have a guide that breaks down how to do this!


Let’s Start With GadgetGone!

Not to blare our own horn or anything, but we here at GadgetGone specialize in purchasing back old iPhones, iPads, and other tech for top dollar. Apple Watches are no exception, as we take in a variety of models.

For the particular Apple Watch Series 7 model we mention above, we currently offer $184 in cash. You can get paid in a number of ways too, be it a quick Paypal deposit, a paper check (if you prefer to go old-school) or an Amazon gift card, if you’re going to turn around and make a purchase at that store.

Depending on how we see its condition, that price can easily go up! If it’s flawless without any sort of scratches, you can get as much as $204 from us. A brand new watch that you’ve never used (and somehow can’t return for a full refund)? We’ll give you $260!

However, if it has damage, keep in mind that the price can go down. If it’s cracked (face, back, something like that), it drops significantly to $45. And if it’s broken, we only offer $30. Still, for a watch that isn’t doing you any good, that beats nothing. Keep in mind, too, that we offer free shipping to send the item to us, and you can request it back if you don’t like the final price estimate after evaluation.



The interesting thing about this game-oriented retailer is that they do take in Apple Watches. However, for some reason, they haven’t updated their page to accept Apple Watch Series 7 models yet. (They may be too new, or they just haven’t caught up with that part of inventory yet.)

So, by comparison, we went with a fairly reasonable model, an Apple Watch Series 6 Hermes 44mm GPS + LTE.

apple watch | GadgetGone
This model Apple Watch nets you a decent amount of trade-in credit at GameStop.

For this particular model – in working condition, with barely any damage to it – consumers can get $150 in trade-in credit. However, if they prefer cash, they’ll get 20 percent less, only $120.

On the one hand, it’s a decent offer; and you don’t have to send the item in and wait a few days to take advantage of it. Any GameStop location can take the trade-in in person, though final acceptance does depend on the local store manager. Keep that in mind in case there’s anything questionable about the device, such as a cracked face or power issues.

On the other, the higher amount comes from trade-in credit. You’ll be able to use this if you’re picking up new games or going towards a system. But if you want a cash payout, it’s going to be less than you expected.

GameStop is a decent place if you’re looking to get rid of the watch quickly and don’t want to wait to send it in. But a little patience can definitely get you more money. Not to mention that it doesn’t appear to take the newer model Apple Watches, at least at the moment.



Of course Apple is going to have a great trade-in program when it comes to its Apple Watches considering, well, they sell them. But, surprisingly enough, they offer some pretty good values when it comes to their devices.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like their program is updated just yet when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 7 line. That will likely change over the next few months. However, it offers reasonable credit for others.

The Apple Watch Series 6, for instance, can fetch up to $210 when it comes to trade-in value. The Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 5 also get a decent amount, anywhere between $135 to $145, depending on model. Even the Apple Watch Series 4 still fetches up to $105. 

That said, the older the model, the less you get for it. The Apple Watch Series 2, for example, will only net you $25.

And what’s more, keep in mind that this is store credit. That means you can only spend it in an Apple location. Granted, it’s handy if you just want iTunes credit to buy movies and/or songs, or want to upgrade to a new Apple Watch model. And it’s mostly hassle-free, depending on the condition of your watch.

If you need new Apple stuff and have one of the later models, Apple can be a viable option. Otherwise, maybe stick with GadgetGone or another buyback company that offers a more decent amount of moolah. (And we mean cash.)



There are pros and cons to selling to BuyBackWorld, based upon its latest estimates for the Apple Watch.

Perhaps the biggest con is that the company doesn’t appear to take in the Apple Watch Series 7 models just yet. Like other retailers, it just hasn’t updated its database for those particular models.

On the positive side, however, BuyBackWorld does offer a decent amount for the line-up of Apple Watch Series 6. The main website notes that you can get up to $200-$225 for the device. However, keep in mind that is for brand new, out-of-the-box models. Ones that are in excellent or average condition will get less, from $170 to $185. And, again, estimates can drop even more, depending on condition. (You’d be surprised what it can do to knock the condition down to “poor,” resulting in a total of $32.

apple watch | GadgetGone
Yeah, if this is your Apple Watch, you probably won’t get much for it…

BuyBackWorld does have decent customer reviews, and has been in service for years, so it wouldn’t hurt to head over and check out their offers. However, keep in mind that GadgetGone does match buying offers with our Guarantee, and provides free no-hassle shipping on the device. You can even lock an offer with us for up to 14 days if you feel like looking around a bit. As Captain Planet once said, “The power is yours!”



Finally, we turn to the world of buying and selling at eBay. Here, it’s fairly easy to find all sorts of watches on sale – and the Apple Watch Series 7 is no exception.

Upon first glance, it’s easy to see why this auction website is such a popular choice. That style of Apple Watch we described above easily goes for around $300 or so across a number of sellers. Granted, that’s in good condition; those that are cracked or worse have been known to go for less.

But, like our previous sellers, there’s a positive and negative to selling here. The positive is that it’s fairly easy to sell an item, and even easier to generate a shipping label so you can ship it to a buyer with ease.

However, there’s also the negative. With eBay’s Buyer Protection plan in place, a buyer can return your item for any given reason. They could say the item doesn’t turn on, or there was a scratch they didn’t see before. With technology-based items like this, it’s easy to find any excuse to send it back.

As a result, not only are you out the money you were going to get for selling the item, but you’re also stuck paying return shipping fees. Yep, you lose money if something goes wrong.
Now, if you list your item accurately enough, you shouldn’t have any trouble with a quick sale. But keep in mind eBay takes a bit out of the final amount for fees and shipping, so you usually end up with a bit less than advertised. 

With that in mind, any quotes you get from GadgetGone are in full – we don’t take any money out for shipping, and only reduce your rate if we should find any problems with the device.


In conclusion, it’s completely up to you where you decide to trade in your Apple Watch. Whether you get store credit or want cash in your wallet, you’ll find some suitable offers, provided it’s in great shape. Look around and see what offers are right for you!


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