Is The New iPad Air 5 The Right Choice For You?

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This past week, Apple hosted a new event where it showcased its latest devices – including the iPad Air 5. Well, technically, it’s called the iPad Air, but it’s the 5th generation in its line-up, comfortably sitting between the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro.     The previous version of the iPad Air already …Continue Reading

The Best iPad Accessories of 2022 (So Far)

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So you’ve finally got an iPad! But now the real question is…what are the best iPad accessories to get for it? You may be thinking that a carrying case or protective sleeve might be enough, but there’s so much more you can get for it. A wireless speaker would boost the sound for your next …Continue Reading

Is Your iPad Running Slow? 6 Steps To Fix It Quickly

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Apple’s iPad is a technical wonder, capable of many awesome things. But what happens when you’ve got an iPad running slow? It doesn’t happen, but when it does, it’s usually with older ones on the market. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your device. A number of small things could be making …Continue Reading

A Convenient iPad Trade-In Value Guide For 2022

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Welcome to an in-depth look at iPad trade-in values for 2022 (so far). The market has more than its fair share of tablets to choose from, including the Pro, Air and Mini. In the shuffle, it might be easy not to see how much yours might be worth. That’s why we’re here! With this guide, …Continue Reading

Is iPad Pro Worth It To Upgrade? Here Are 5 Helpful Answers

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Remember the last time you walked past an Apple store, and asked yourself, “Hey, is the iPad Pro worth it when it comes to upgrading?” You’re not the only one. The 5th generation of the device is Apple’s most alluring yet, a tour-de-force in handheld technology. What’s more, there are different versions available, with two …Continue Reading

iPad Not Charging? Fix the Problem In 5 Steps

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Apple’s iPad is capable of so much. However, if you run into a situation with your iPad not charging, connecting with games, streaming movies and chatting with friends just isn’t possible. It’s usually an easy repair, with something involving your cable or cleaning. But, on occasion, the reason for an iPad not charging could be …Continue Reading

Trade In Your Old iPad: A Comprehensive 5 Step Guide

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Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to electronics. This includes, eventually, scratching the itch to trade in your old iPad and score yourself a new iPad Pro. After all, it’s got newer features, and 4K movies look really good on it. So now comes the next obvious question – how do you trade in …Continue Reading

iPad Won’t Connect To WiFi? Try These 5 Useful Steps

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While it’s great to use your iPad for many online purposes, it can be a real pain when your iPad won’t connect to WiFi. There’s nothing more frustrating when this occurs. You can’t conduct FaceTime calls, can’t connect to online leaderboards with your favorite games, or talk with your friends in Messenger. Sure, you can …Continue Reading

Broken iPad Screen? 3 Important Steps To Take To Fix It

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Apple’s devices are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. You could end up with a broken iPad screen, even with the slightest bump or drop on the floor. Even if it’s a small crack, it could soon grow into a much bigger problem. That means getting in the way of navigating your …Continue Reading

Buying a Used iPad – 5 Important Things To Keep In Mind

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There’s value in hunting down a used item compared to a new one. Whether it’s buying a used iPad, picking up pre-owned games at the local GameStop, or even picking up a used car (preferably with four wheels and a working engine), it’s possible to score a good deal on a well-working item. That saves …Continue Reading

The 9 Best iPad Mini Cases For Your Money

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The iPad Mini 6 is a wondrous little device, capable of many things. But it doesn’t hurt to have an iPad Mini case to protect it. Like most of Apple’s technological wonders, it can be easily damaged with something as simple as a drop on the floor. So you’ll want to ensure that doesn’t happen …Continue Reading