The iPad Mini 6 is a wondrous little device, capable of many things. But it doesn’t hurt to have an iPad Mini case to protect it. Like most of Apple’s technological wonders, it can be easily damaged with something as simple as a drop on the floor. So you’ll want to ensure that doesn’t happen — and a small case can go a long way.

But with so many on the market, what is the best one to go with? We’ve got a guide with nine different cases to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic Apple design or something more kid-friendly, each one has an array of features to choose from – and for a mostly reasonable price!




Apple Smart Folio

iPad Mini Case


Considering Apple makes this particular case, it’s first on the list of recommendations. The Apple Smart Folio is incredibly easy to use, as it magnetically attaches to your device, covering both the front and the back. It’s well made, making the tablet both secure and easy to hold without dropping.

What’s more, it also has some “smart tech” built into it. As you open the front of the Smart Folio case, your iPad “awakens” automatically without needing to hit any buttons. Done using it? You can close it back up, and your device goes back to “sleep,” so you won’t lose any battery energy.

Finally, you can fold its edges to create a makeshift stand, useful if you want to prop your device for movie-watching, or set it up for a quick FaceTime session. Oh, and did we mention the case looks cool in orange? It’s also available in black if you want something a bit darker.

It’s available at Amazon for $59.00. It’s one of the more expensive cases on this list, but its quality is top-notch.


iPad Smart Folio Features Breakdown:

  • The Smart Folio for iPad mini is thin and light and offers front and back protection for your device
  • It automatically wakes your iPad when opened and puts it to sleep when closed.
  • The Smart Folio attaches magnetically, and you can easily fold it into different positions to create a stand for reading, viewing, typing, or making FaceTime calls.
  • The Smart Folio covers both the front and back of your device.


MoKo Case Fit iPad Mini Case

iPad Mini Case


Let’s say you want something useful for your iPad Mini, but don’t exactly have a huge budget for a high-end case. Enter MoKo with its Case Fit iPad Mini case, which not only protects your device, but does so for a very economical price.

Available in a number of designs (including ones like the festive Christmas Deer, the colorful Blue Mermaid and the adorable Green Dinosaur on Blue), the MoKo case works with iPad Mini 4 and 5. Like the Folio case, it has adjustable angles, making it easy to pop up for Instagram videos or other purposes.

It’s also built for durability, but isn’t heavy in the least. Using PU leather exterior, soft microfiber lining and coverage with a translucent PC back shell, it’s lightweight. Its magnetic strip also secures your iPad Mini with minimal effort. Like the Folio before it, it’s able to automatically “wake” your device upon opening, and return to “sleep” once it’s closed again.

This case has it all – protection, beautiful cover design, and simple application. Best of all, it does so for the low price of $9.99 shipped. If the Smart Folio isn’t in your financial wheelhouse, this is a great alternative.


MoKo Case Fit iPad Mini Case Features Breakdown:

  • Compatibility across iPad Mini 4 and 5
  • Adjustable Angles
  • Auto Wake/Sleep
  • Excellent Quality
  • Simple Fashion Design


Urban Armor Gear UAG iPad Mini Case

iPad Mini Case


Now, let’s say you’re someone that works (or plays) outdoors often, and you require an iPad Mini 6 case that will protect it from weather conditions and other environmental hazards. If you fit in this category, look no further than the rugged, stylish Urban Armor Gear UAG iPad Mini case.

Built with a rugged, versatile smooth exterior with a satin finish, the Urban Armor case also features layered protection inside. As a result, it can handle drops from up to four feet with no damage. It’s also friction free, which means it won’t create any scratches on your iPad. It’s also very lightweight, making it a breeze to carry around.

Furthermore, its folio cover also provides support for the iPad Mini’s “awake” and “sleep” functions. And it can double as an adjustable stand – there’s even a place to hold your Apple Pencil, in case you’re bringing one along for the trip.

The blue-and-black design is featured here, but the Urban Armor Gear UAG is also available in silver and solid black editions. You can get it from Amazon for $35.99, a beneficial purchase for anyone that’s looking for that extra layer of safety for their device.


Urban Armor UAG Gear iPad Mini Case Features Breakdown:

  • 360-degree unstoppable protection
  • Auto wake/sleep folio cover with adjustable stand and built-in Apple Pencil holder.
  • Compatible with Pencil Pairing and Charging.
  • Featherlight composite construction with impact-resistant soft core
  • Oversized tactile buttons and easy access to buttons and ports.
  • Soft-raised screen surround bezel to protect screen and lens.
  • Meets military drop test standards (4 feet).


Supveco iPad Mini Case

iPad MinI Case


So, you want an iPad Mini 6 case that not only provides reassurance of your tablet’s safety, but also something that’s a little bit stylish. Oh, and at a fair price, of course. Well, say hello to Supveco’s iPad Mini case, which provides a number of features for an inexpensive $19.99 price tag.

This particular design represents a classic school book, right down to the “Composition Book” label on the front. But there are others to choose from, including an American flag motif and some outdoor selections. However, the school book look really works for us – and there are several colors on hand, in case you prefer something more in orange.

The Supveco case isn’t just about looks, though. It’s made of flexible silicon across both the back and TPU cover, and uses a magnet to secure itself onto the device, making it easy to open and close. It’s also adjustable, so you can set it up across several viewing angles. Whether you’re working or just want to watch a movie, there’s something here that’s right for you.

Selling for $19.99, the Supveco iPad Mini case comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty, providing a little bit of peace of mind. You can pick it up at Amazon now, and it ships rather quickly – even next-day in some regions!


Supveco iPad Mini Case Features Breakdown:

  • Compatible with all iPad Mini 6 models
  • Made of flexible silicone back and TPU cover
  • Full protection against shocking and scratching
  • Anti-slip front stand shell
  • Creates different angles for viewing and typing
  • Magnet secures the device, easy to snap on and off
  • Built-in pencil holder, also supports second Pencil wireless charging
  • 1-year free replacement guarantee


Fintie Rotating iPad Mini 6 Case

iPad MinI Case


Doesn’t it feel great when you find a case that not only provides safety for your device, but other things you’ll use regularly? Fintie’s iPad Mini 6 case does all this, and for a price that won’t leave your wallet aching.

The multi-functional grip built into the case makes it much easier to carry your device than you normally would by hand. At the same time, it provides dual-layer full protection in case you accidentally drop it. So it’s practical and keeps your iPad Mini 6 safe from scratches and drops – that’s a double win for you!

There’s more, too. You can lean the handle out to use it as a portable stand. But if you need to shift to Portrait Mode (provided it’s unlocked first), you can simply use the Magic Ring 360-degree rotation feature to shift it around. No need to move your tablet around manually, as it’s all handled within the stand!

Best of all, it’s affordable. The Fintie iPad Mini case goes for $25.99 with free shipping through Amazon, and is available in three colors – black, pink and purple. No matter which design you go with, it’s a case that provides convenience aplenty.


Fintie iPad Mini Case Features Breakdown:

  • Multi-functional grip: The specially designed stand can serve as a handle, convenient for holding and carrying around.
  • Revolving stand: Patented Magic Ring 360 degree rotating design allows you to adjust your iPad Mini 6 tablet to almost any vertical and horizontal viewing angle securely.
  • Dual-Layer Full Protection: Military drop tested shock absorption TPU skin with 4 air-cushioned corners protect your iPad from shocks, drops, and impacts.
  • Built-In screen protector: prevents scratches without sacrificing sensitivity or visibility.
  • Built-In Pencil slot: Holds your iPad Pencil effortlessly. Works with 2nd Gen magnetic and wireless charging as well.
  • Shock resistant and dust proof: Enhanced drop protection with extra shock absorption. All iPad Mini 6 features are easily accessible with the case installed.


Torro Tablet Case For iPad Mini 6

iPad Mini Case

Need something a little more high-end when it comes to guaranteeing your iPad Mini 6’s safety? Torro has you covered with a leather smart cover that keeps your device safe with a touch of class.

Made with luxury leather materials handcrafted from premium cowhide leather, the Torro iPad Mini 6 case also features microfiber lined on the inside. That helps it stay pristine after any drops and scratches. In addition, it also covers your iPad Mini 6 completely, while also providing access to its features, including the camera, volume buttons and charging port.

Like most of the cases on this list, Torro’s cover also provides multi-viewing positions. You can fold it out into two different horizontal settings, so you can either watch a TV show with ease or take a FaceTime call without struggling to find that right angle (or risking it falling on the floor – we hate that).

Due to the materials involved, Torro’s tablet cover is much higher in cost than the others on this list. It currently sells for $56.99 on Amazon, and comes in black, brown, tan or red colors (with a bull emblem!). If you can look past the price, however, you’ll find it’s packed with very high quality – and very easy to use.


Torro Tablet Case for iPad Mini 6 Features Breakdown:

  • Compatibility: Designed and crafted exclusively for the iPad Mini 6th Generation
  • Genuine Leather: Handcrafted from premium cowhide leather, sourced from the finest tanneries in the U.S.
  • Shock Absorption and Protection: Durable TPU frame formulated to aid shock absorption, protecting device from drops and bumps. Lined with microfiber to prevent scratches and marks to the iPad screen. Elasticated strips ensure a secure closure that will not accidentally open on the move or if dropped.
  • Multi-viewing positions: Features 2 support strips for positioning the iPad in two horizontal viewing positions.
  • Precision cut-outs in the inner frame ensures full, unrestricted access to Touch ID and volume buttons, charging port and camera.


Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly iPad Mini Case

iPad Mini Case


This wouldn’t be a complete iPad Mini case guide if we didn’t have a few recommendations for the kids. After all, some parents provide them with a device of their own to watch TV or movies while they finish up that last meeting at work. With that, the Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly iPad Mini case is a worthwhile investment.

Compatible with several of Apple’s older iPad Mini tablets, this case not only has a “cute” design, but is literally child’s play with how it can be used. The butterfly wings on the back actually double as a stand, so your child can set it down and watch it without having to hold it in their hands.

On top of that, it’s built with convenience in mind for anyone that uses it. Younger children will enjoy the butterfly design (available in a variety of colors,not just pink), while parents can access its features with ease, including the charger port, speakers, camera and more. It’s also made of a non-toxic EVA foam rubber, so it’s good for the environment as well.

The Feitenn iPad Mini case sells for a mere $10.49 at Amazon, an outstanding price for something that provides peace of mind for you, and gives your younglings something “cute” to go with their device!


Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly iPad Mini Case Features Breakdown:

  • Compatible with most iPad Mini devices, up to iPad Mini 5.
  • Friendly environmental material, made from non-toxic EVA foam rubber.
  • Features anti-scratch and durable build for protection, including drops, bumps and shocks.
  • Stylish cartoon butterfly design: various colors available, not just pink.
  • Allows full access to ports, in case the device needs to be quickly charged.
  • Butterfly wings double as a stand, making the device easy to set up for viewing or video calling.
  • An ideal gift for kids and parents alike


Ztotop Kids Case For iPad Mini 6

iPad Mini Case


Need a case for iPad Mini 6 instead? Or maybe one that doesn’t quite resemble a butterfly? Say hello to the Ztotop Kids Case. It’s compatible with all models of Apple’s latest device, and provides a smooth layer of protection for it, along with a bright blue-and-green design that’s eye-catching for the younger set. (And, again, not a butterfly.)

The Ztotop case is built from environmentally friendly silicone, and is simple to put onto your tablet. It also keeps it safe from harm when it comes to drops, thanks to its non-slip grip. It’s also a cinch to clean, should your kids end up taking it through some rough terrain. Like, for example, the backyard.

This case also includes a built-in screen protector and pencil holder, along with a foldable, sturdy kickstand for TV viewing. It also comes with separate shoulder straps, which can be used for carrying, as well as hooking up to the back of a car seat. This should be a haven for those trying to distract their children during a long road trip.

It’s not bad on price either, selling for just $19.99 at Amazon. It’s a nice all-in-one package, with safety, durability and dependability all in one package. And again, excellent color choices, though we wouldn’t mind seeing a red-and-yellow colored model down the road. (What, we liked the Cars movies.)


Ztotop Kids Case for iPad Mini 6 Features Breakdown:

  • Kids-friendly silicone build, easy to install, remove, wash and clean
  • Non-slip grip, drop resistant and shockproof features designed for kids.
  • Enjoyable bright colors are specially designed for kids.
  • Built-in screen protector and Pencil holder.
  • Adjustable removable shoulder straps, ideal for on-the-go travel or long car trips.


Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPad Mini 5

iPad Mini Case


Looking for an iPad Mini 5 case since you haven’t quite upgraded to the 6th generation just yet? Otterbox has another winner in its arsenal with the Defender Series. As simple as its color scheme may be compared to other cases on this list, it more than makes up for its looks with unparalleled tablet protection.

Its shielding against drops is described as “ultimate iPad defense,” thanks to multi-layer protection within its inner shell, along with a shield stand and built-in screen protector. Its ports can also be closed, keeping out any dust, dirt and debris that could get inside with rougher weather conditions.

Along with guarding your iPad Mini 5 from damage, the shield stand can also be used for video viewing, FaceTime calls, and comfortable typing and hands-free viewing. There’s also a place to hold your Apple Pencil, in case you’re bringing one along for design purposes.

The Otterbox Defender Series goes for $38.00 on Amazon, a fair price considering its superior quality. Plus, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you’re covered even if something should happen during your next excursion.


Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPad Mini 5 Features Breakdown:

  • Drop protection that’s designed and tested to deliver ultimate iPad defense
  • Multi-layer protection from the inner shell, outer slipcover, built-in screen protector and shield stand
  • Port covers block dust, dirt and debris from getting into the jacks and ports
  • Versatile device stand adds touch-screen protection
  • Also converts into a stand for comfortable typing and hands-free viewing
  • Includes a holder and storage for Apple Pencil in the shield stand
  • Includes OtterBox limited lifetime warranty


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