Apple’s devices are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. You could end up with a broken iPad screen, even with the slightest bump or drop on the floor. Even if it’s a small crack, it could soon grow into a much bigger problem. That means getting in the way of navigating your favorite app, to the point that you might even cut your fingers. (Ouch!)

So now comes the obvious question – how to fix it. While taking it in for repair seems like the best bet, there are a few of you out there that might be looking over more affordable self-repair. Is that a good idea, or bad news just waiting to happen? Let’s take a closer look at what options there are when it comes to fixing that broken iPad screen.



Let’s Assess the Damage – How Badly Is the Screen Broken?

Don’t Try To Repair Your Broken iPad Screen Yourself

Should You Let a Third-Party Company Fix Your Broken iPad Screen?

The Best Choice – Turn To Apple

Broken iPad Screen Repair Too Much? We’ll Take It At GadgetGone!


Let’s Assess the Damage – How Badly Is the Screen Broken?

Before you consider a costly repair, let’s take a closer look at just how severe the damage to that broken iPad screen is.

First, there are small cracks. This could come from something small, perhaps just hitting it alongside a wall while carrying it around. Sometimes they don’t get in the way of the screen, instead sitting along the edge. Other times, however, they might be in the center of the screen – getting in the way of everything.

Broken ipad Screen
If your device looks like this…yeah, you should fix it. (And maybe buy a screen protector.)


Then there are bigger cracks. These can come from a heavy drop or, even worse, someone throwing the device on the floor out of frustration. This can result in much bigger damage with multiple cracks across the screen, as seen above. These are much more difficult to ignore, and could result in the user cutting their finger, even doing something as simple as playing Angry Birds.

With lighter cracks, there is a temporary solution to the problem. You can either use protective glass film or a screen protector, both of which should stop the crack from getting worse – provided you don’t put an immense amount of pressure on your screen.

By comparison, with the much larger (and more noticeable) cracks, they’re going to get in the way – and that’s where those finger cuts could happen. If you can’t afford a replacement just yet, you could invest in Tech Armor to make your navigation a little bit smoother. This won’t fix the cracks, but, at the very least, you won’t have to keep putting Band-Aids on your fingertips.

Eventually, though, if the damage is pretty bad, replacing the broken iPad screen is inevitable. So should you do it yourself, or let a professional handle it?


Don’t Try To Repair Your Broken iPad Screen Yourself

Last month, we updated a blog discussing the four best (and worst) ways to repair cracks on an iPhone screen. Those same steps apply to a broken iPad screen, though we do not recommend doing it yourself unless you know quite a bit about repairing technical devices.

The reason for this is because you could actually make the problem worse by trying to repair it yourself. You may not know just how deep those cracks are on your broken iPad screen. For all we know, the damage could go further than just the glass on top – and you can’t replace all that in a quick and easy manner.

Not to mention some of the suggested do-it-yourself solutions suggested on the Internet, which could be asking for trouble. One blog actually recommends using toothpaste when it comes to patching up your iPad screen. Sorry, that doesn’t work. The cracks are still there, and now you’ve got to (carefully) try and clean Aquafresh off of your broken iPad screen. It’s not as fun as it sounds.


broken iPad Screen
Toothpaste – great for cleaning teeth, terrible for fixing a broken iPad screen.


Likewise, other recommended options like baking soda and, even worse, silver polish could cause even more significant damage. Do not use either of these.

If you have an idea of what repair is needed, you could try to fix it yourself. There are repair kits available for purchase, such as this one for the latest iPad, or this general kit, if you have an earlier model.

Again, and we cannot stress this enough, this particular option is only for those that have worked on electronics before. If you live and breathe that kind of thing (or maybe even do it for a living), you could give it a shot.

But if you’re not, avoid the do-it-yourself repair route. Otherwise, the Apple employee you bring your broken iPad to may give you a funny look, wondering why your broken iPad screen smells like a mixture of toothpaste and silver polish. (Note: that’s not a pleasant smell.)


Should You Let a Third-Party Company Fix Your Broken iPad Screen?

Next up is an option that may work better for fixing that broken iPad screen – turning to an established third-party repair company (not including a licensed Apple Authorized Service Provider). But even then, you might want to proceed with caution.

There are a number of shops out there that specialize in electronics repair, offering their services for a smaller price than paying Apple’s high prices (outside of AppleCare+ coverage – we’ll get to that in a moment). While someone like UBreakIFix may look like a fair choice, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, ask the repair shop what kind of services they provide, how much they’ll cost and what kind of warranty is included. That way, if something doesn’t pan out with your repaired device, you can take it right back to fix it. It also doesn’t hurt to ask where they get their repair parts from (so you know what exactly is being replaced), though some may be hesitant to answer, depending on business practices.

Another thing to do before you go to any of these shops is check your device coverage with Apple. Even if you didn’t get AppleCare+ coverage, there’s a slight chance that your device is covered with a warranty issued with its purchase. If this is the case, you can either take it to an Apple Genius Bar (or Apple Authorized Service Provider) or send it in for repair or replacement. Under warranty, the cost to repair your broken iPad screen will be minimal. (See more details below.)

One last thing to keep in mind with local or national third-party repair shops that aren’t Apple Certified – if they tinker with your device for any reason, your warranty on your iPad will automatically be voided. Apple’s legal page makes it clear that if someone other than them works on any of their devices, you’re on your own.

Is it worth the risk? If the company is reputable or you know them pretty well, it never hurts to see what they can do. However, if you want the best repair or you see that your device has some sort of Apple warranty or AppleCare+ coverage (you can double check here), skip it and go right to the source.


The Best Choice – Turn To Apple

Nobody knows Apple devices better than Apple. It’s fixed millions of these devices for years and knows everything about them, from replacing a broken iPad screen to bringing an iMac back from the brink of shutdown. It knows exactly what to do when one of its devices has a problem.

As mentioned above, Apple provides one of two general options for repair. The first is setting an appointment at a Genius Bar, or, if it’s schedule is at capacity, an Apple Authorized Service Provider. After speaking with Apple support and answering a few questions, you’ll get an appointment time and date.

(Keep in mind you might have to wait a bit in these post-COVID times for your appointment, but once you go in, an expert will tell you what steps can be taken to fix your broken iPad screen.)


Broken iPad Screen
You can’t lose with Apple – unless you don’t have a warranty on your device.


The second is using Apple’s mail-in service. You can request this through Apple Support, and in some AppleCare+-covered cases, you might even be able to get a full replacement, depending on how deep the damage actually is. Most of the time, however, you’ll get your older device back, good as new.

(Side note: don’t forget to back up your device before you take it in for repair. Whether you do it through a computer or via iCloud, you’ll thank us later if Apple ends up factory resetting your device during its repair!)

There’s also a do-it-yourself repair option, where Apple provides the necessary tools to fix the device on your own. This is rarely offered, however, since Apple usually prefers to take care of matters like this itself. Still, if you know a thing or two about tech and didn’t invest in the tools listed above, it never hurts to check.


What Will Apple Repair Cost?

As reliable and effective as Apple’s repair service is, it also isn’t cheap. Even though AppleCare+ helps a bit, you’ll still need to pay a small amount.

When covered by AppleCare+, repairing your broken iPad screen – regardless of the model – usually comes around to $49. Even older devices such as the iPad 2 are included, if you haven’t upgraded just yet.

If the device is not under warranty, that’s where things can get expensive. Your repair can run anywhere from $249 all the way to $749 for the newest iPad models. That’s quite steep, but it shows just how beneficial the AppleCare+ program is in situations like these. 

In fact, if you’re buying a new device, it’s worth picking up alongside it. As you can see with the price differences above, AppleCare+ can be incredibly useful. Visit the official AppleCare page here to learn more about device coverage


Broken iPad Screen Repair Too Much? We’ll Take It At GadgetGone!

There’s one more option to consider when it comes to your broken iPad screen. Maybe you don’t want to bother with fixing it, since it’s an older model and you’ve been thinking about upgrading to the new iPad Pro anyway. But before you throw it out or send it off for recycling, there’s GadgetGone!

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In addition, we also offer refurbished iPads at GadgetGone. All our devices are sold with a one-year warranty, as well as a 60-day return window, in case even the slightest thing is wrong. So you can sell your old iPad in one transaction, then turn your cash around and apply it to a refurbished one. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Take a look at what we offer on devices today and say goodbye to that broken iPad screen! Your bandaged fingers will thank you for it.


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