There’s nothing quite as frustrating as pulling out your phone to send a text or look something up online, only to find that your screen has a fresh, new scratch on it. Not only are scratches on your phone screen unsightly, but they can also make it challenging to see the display and can interfere with touchscreen capabilities if they are deep enough.

Polishing Screen Scratches

So, what can you do if your phone screen is scratched? 


You have a few options when it comes to fixing a scratched iPhone or other smartphone screens.  Here are some of your best – and worst – bets. It’s important to note that whenever you apply anything to your phone, ensure that the power is off and you don’t get any liquids or other products in the device.



A simple Google search for how to fix a scratched cell phone screen will yield several results, but the most common and highest-ranking tip is to use toothpaste. Cheap and easy to find, toothpaste seems like a magic fix that’s too good to be true. And guess what? It is. Most tests reveal that toothpaste usually results in a squeaky clean screen.. that’s still scratched. If you decide to try this method be sure to use regular toothpaste and not the gel kind. The paste is supposed to be applied to the scratch and rubbed in. It never hurts to try, just set your expectations low.

Grade: D, it only works on plastic covers



Magic Eraser


Handy household Magic Erasers are known to get rid of stains all around the house, but can they get rid of scratches on a cell phone? While deep abrasions are untouchable by the eraser, surface cosmetic scratches that are smaller buff away pretty quickly. 

Grade: B, it works for small scratches, but not deeper abrasions



Baking Soda

Baking soda mixed with water is touted as a quick fix for a scratched phone screen, but can it work? It turns out that this method is about the same as toothpaste as far as results go. The Internet will tell you to make the baking soda mixture, and then apply to screen, rubbing in a circular motion. You might notice that your screen is shinier, but the scratches will most likely remain. It does help with screen protector scratches, though.

Grade: D, not very useful on anything but screen protectors



Car Polishing Products

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If a product can get scratches out of the body of your car, then it can fix up your phone screen, right? This method can be pretty useful, again, depending on how deep the scratches are. Car-specific products like Turtle Wax, Swirl Remover, 3M Scratch, and many more can all help get rid of surface-level scratches on your phone screen.

Grade: B, somewhat effective



Silver Polish

Another common fix touted all over the Internet is to use silver polish for your phone. Products like Silvo or Brasso can do a number on your silver serving platters, so maybe they’ll work for your phone screen? Think again! We don’t recommend trying this at home, as not only is the method not proven to work, but also because the coating on your screen can be damaged by these products if used.  

Grade: F, we don’t recommend



Manufacturer Repair, or Online Repair Kits from Third Parties

If you want to bring out the big guns and spend a bit more money, you can get minor scratches fixed by the manufacturer by replacing the screen. For example, Apple offers repairs for $29 if you have AppleCare, or if your warranty has expired, you can pay up to $149 for a fix. A third-party repair can be cheaper, and online screen repair kits can also be used, usually for around $60. However, it’s important to note that deeper scratches are generally untouchable.

Grade: B, effective but expensive



Cover scratches with a screen protector

Screen protectors hide scratches

If you don’t want to risk damaging your screen by using the above methods, you can always cover scratches using a glass screen protector. While these won’t remove or reduce the visibility of deep scratches, you’ll find that a glass screen protector will make smaller scratches disappear from view.

Grade: C, inexpensive way to hide (not remove) small scratches



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Grade: A, no more scratches and you get a new phone


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