Here at GadgetGone, we’re good to our customers, whether they’re purchasing or selling their mobile phones, Macbooks, smart watches or game consoles. After all, without you, what kind of business would we be in? That said, there are others that offer similar programs, including ecoATM, retailers, and Mac of All Trades. 

Where the likes of GameStop, T-Mobile, Verizon and Best Buy provide a fair amount of trade-in value for select devices, Mac of All Trades goes a few steps further. Along with taking in many electronics, it sells several refurbished Apple products, including Macs, MacBooks, iPhones and iPads. And all backed with a warranty, so they won’t sweat if something goes wrong with them.

So how do they fare after all these years? Let’s take a closer look under the proverbial hood.



Who Is Mac of All Trades?

What Sort of Programs Does Mac of All Trades Offer?

What Mac of All Trades Offers With Pricing

Mac of All Trades and GadgetGone Pros and Cons

So Does Mac of All Trades Offer a Good Program Overall?


Who Is Mac of All Trades?

Never heard of Mac of All Trades? Let’s provide you with some helpful details.

Mac of All Trades
Mac of All Trades has been around for some time.

Mac of All Trades got its start back in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, where it has since continued to grow over the years. In 2002, it shifted its business model entirely to an e-commerce model, dealing with online consumers on a regular basis. That has proved to be beneficial, especially with the company’s move to Tampa, Florida, where it currently resides and enjoys the sunny weather. (Who can blame them?)


Over the years, Mac of All Trades has established itself as a key business in the refurbished Apple goods game. Between 2014 and 2018, it earned an Inc. 5000 nomination, and has also received an induction into the Honors segment of the Top Computer Hardware companies. In addition, it sees four million online visitors on a yearly basis, pleased with what it has to offer in buying and selling.


It sells Apple goods, providing them with a free hardware warranty to provide peace of mind, while at the same time offering fairly competitive prices. It also keeps in consistent contact with consumers, with both phone and email contact.

In addition, it also runs its own separate website, Mac Me an Offer (a nice play on Make Me an Offer, instead of, say, Mac Attack) for those that want to sell back goods to them. In fact, it can even take some items in bulk, depending on condition and terms, for those that have multiple devices.


What Programs Does Mac of All Trades Offer?

Offering good deals on electronics is a huge advantage, of course, as is being able to buy them back at a solid price. But a well-rounded program can go a long way for a company, and Mac of All Trades has a few good ones going around.

First up, it does have a rewards program. With it, consumers can earn one point per dollar spent within their store; then, once 500 points are accumulated, they can turn that around for a $10 store credit. It seems to lean more towards consumers that make big purchases on their sites, like with a laptop or a Mac computer. That still counts as providing helpful savings, though.

(On a side note, we just launched our own Affiliate program, designed to help those that continuously sell and even buy electronics. The link above breaks down how it works, and how you can join the fun and make a little cash of your own!)

Mac of All Trades also offers a no-hassle return policy with a 14-day window. Refunds are usually processed within five business days of return, so there is a small waiting period. However, they seem to be pretty trouble-free when it comes to returning something that doesn’t quite work out for you. 

Likewise, GadgetGone also provides a simple return policy on all used electronics that we sell. We guarantee their top performance, or you can return them for an exchange or a refund.

Aside from that, Mac of All Trades also provides a special offer for first-time visitors that submit an email address. They’ll receive $10 off their first order of $49 or more, which isn’t too shabby. It’s hard to miss the pop-up explaining this offer, so you won’t miss out.

Mac of All Trades | GadgetGone
Mac Me an Offer accepts used iMacs, in case you’ve upgraded to a newer model.


What Mac of All Trades Offers With Pricing

By comparison, GadgetGone’s device prices are definitely competitive. A 2011 MacBook with 256GB storage will run you $142.00. Want something newer? A 2015 MacBook Air with 13” screen and 128GB storage is only $237. And, again, they’re fully guaranteed, in case something goes wrong or they’re not quite what you expected.

What about iPhones? Buying an unlocked iPhone 13 with 128GB storage from Mac of All Trades will cost you $809.00. Meanwhile, an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max AT&T model with 256GB is a little less at $729.99

Over at GadgetGone, an iPhone 11 is much more affordable. We have 256GB models in both red and black, with various compatible networks, going for between $413 and $423. Again, they have a full return guarantee, though many customers have been pleased with the tech they’ve purchased from us!



Now let’s take a look at how Mac Me an Offer (again, love the name) fares compared to GadgetGone’s buy back prices.

Mac of All Trades | GadgetGone
Mac Me an Offer provides great pricing on newer devices! But what about older ones?


Mac Me an Offer’s website is a bit difficult to navigate, asking for more details from you before providing a quote. For example, before you can even get to a price screen, you’re asked to enter an email address for an estimate. Not that you’ll be mailed anything by entering it, but it’s an interesting brick wall when all you want to do is move ahead with an estimate. 

And keep in mind it does this each time you look up an estimate, forcing you to re-enter the email address if you leave. To some, this is definitely going to lead to a case of deja vu. (“I’ve been here before…”)

Over at GadgetGone, you can look up quotes without the need of additional information, then proceed if you’re comfortable with what’s offered and proceed with the purchase or sale.

In addition, Mac Me an Offer can accept a wide selection of electronics, including Mac computers and handheld devices, as well as Smart Watches. However, it does not take game consoles, whereas GadgetGone does. In fact, aside from much older devices, there’s only a short list of electronics that we don’t take.

Need pricing match-ups? Let’s hit the ring! Here’s what Mac Me an Offer gives for an iPhone 11 256GB model with Verizon in flawless condition, compared to what we give:


Mac Me an Offer: $315

GadgetGone: $355


Likewise, here’s a look at what it can do for an iPad Pro 12.9 inch (5th Gen) model, 512GB with WiFi:


Mac Me an Offer: $855

GadgetGone: $770


The price can vary depending on the device. However, keep in mind that we offer a PriceMatch guarantee. So not only will we match our competitor, but we’ll beat them by five bucks. Yes, even more moolah in your pocket!

There is a little more information to fill out on the Mac Me an Offer page, such as if the item has its side accessories and whether or not it has any internal problems. Like GadgetGone, they’re thorough depending on the condition it’s in. If you should change your mind because of this, we’ll happily send your device back to you at no charge.

Mac of All Trades doesn’t offer any information whereas if a consumer requests a sold item back. It’s a good bet, however, that it provides a similar trouble-free program. Customer ratings have been rock solid; and, in some cases, it does offer packaging for them to use to send in items, albeit for a small fee.


Mac of All Trades and GadgetGone Pros and Cons

Mac of All Trades has been buying and selling for some time, earning positive reviews and accolades in the process. There’s no question that it knows how to do things right. But does that mean it’s flawless? Not entirely.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of Mac of All Trades, and see how they fare.


Mac of All Trades Pros and Cons



  • Sells a number of refurbished goods, including iMacs, for a reasonable price
  • Offers a warranty on the used items that they sell
  • Has a good buyback program with Mac Me an Offer (not to mention that clever name)
  • Extended warranties are available for an additional fee
  • Very consumer friendly with contact across both email and phone
  • Years of reliable customer service, with awards and accolades
  • Offers a convenient buyback program with free shipping, with materials available for a small fee for shipping
  • Rewards program is helpful for those that make repeat purchases



  • Doesn’t currently accept video games or consoles
  • Buyback pricing can be inconsistent, depending on the item
  • Website can be difficult to navigate between pop-ups and requirement of an email address
  • The buyback page may require you to enter your email address more than once
  • Separates its buying and selling practices across two websites (though, again, under a nifty name)
  • Online only, with no store to visit
  • Rewards program doesn’t offer much for one-time buyers


Now, by comparison, let’s see how GadgetGone fares with its own pros and cons!



  • Sells a number of electronics for a reasonable price
  • Offers guarantee on each used item, with a hassle-free return policy
  • Provides great buyback prices, as well as a brand new affiliate program
  • Years of reliable customer service and many positive reviews
  • A wide variety of items taken for purchase, and offered for sale, including game consoles and Samsung devices
  • Website is easy to navigate, with buying and selling offered on the same page
  • Quick tool makes it easy to get a quote without the need for an email address
  • Price Match guarantee on all items across all competitors, with a $5 bonus
  • Quick customer service across emails, phone, and text
  • Continuous social posts, mainly featuring our dog!



  • GadgetGone doesn’t buy back newer game consoles, but that will change very soon
  • Online only, with no store to visit
  • Haven’t been around as long as Mac of All Trades (five years and counting, though!)


So Does Mac of All Trades Offer a Good Program Overall?

In the end, Mac of All Trades is a great business. They’ve been buying and selling for years and offer a consistent amount of electronics for a solid price. Not only that, but they back each item sold with a full guarantee and good customer support options. They also provide buyback services, even for those that are selling items in bulk. (Good time to get rid of those five iPhones you’ve been saving!)

Mac of All Trades | GadgetGone
Mac of All Trades offers great value for electronics, and solid customer service.

That said, there are some slight issues to note. Its website, in particular, is divided in two for buying and selling purposes, instead of just one convenient stop. The rewards program only seems to benefit those that do return business, and with deep pockets. And their pricing is inconsistent, particularly with older tech.

That’s not to say they’re not worthwhile – they are. But whereas it’s a bit difficult to get a simple quote from Mac of All Trades, our pricing tool is simple when it comes to seeing what your item is worth. And our team is also ready to support with whatever questions you may have, should you have any concerns before you make a sale or purchase.

Feel free to check out both sites and see which one is right for you. But keep in mind that if Mac of All Trades offers a better buying price, we not only match that price, but increase it by $5! That’s a solid deal, even if we don’t have a site name as clever as Mac Me an Offer. (Seriously, kudos, guys.)

Want to learn more? Check out our website to find out about our price estimates, affiliate program and used product store. No matter where you go, you’ll be working that much closer to buying or selling the tech of your dreams!


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