Chances are, you’ve heard it before: The sickening thud of an expensive iPhone hitting the pavement, shattering on impact. The vibrations of the sound thudding in your ears as you realize that your phone will never, ever be the same. The blood rushing to your stomach as if you were sucker-punched as your shocked brain finally gets the message that this is going to cost you—big time.


sad woman sitting on the bench with cracked phone


Like death and taxes, cracked iPhone screens are pretty much par for the course in today’s society. Sure, you can shell out for a durable case and heavy-duty screen protector, but even those aren’t full proof. In most cases, when your phone takes a tumble, so does your bank account. This is especially true if you were hoping to get some bang for your buck on trading in the phone.


What’s a hard-working (yet clumsy) iPhone user to do when they have a cracked back on their iPhone or otherwise not working device that they want to unload? When faced with this type of situation, you might choose to cry and search for the meaning of life. 


Fortunately you have some options when it comes to a broken heart—er, iPhone screen. These include:


1: Living the rest of your life with an embarrassing, damaged iPhone screen

2: Trading in your cracked iPhone through Apple

3: Selling your  damaged iPhone on eBay

4: Trading in through a BuyBack website

5: Trade-in through a Big Box Store


Since your phone isn’t going to magically trade-in itself, let’s look at each of these options. 


Living with a Damaged iPhone

This one isn’t for the faint of heart or those who don’t want to replace their bandage stash continuously. Aside from the possible daily nicks and cuts, you’ll also deal with a hit to your social currency. Do you want to be the guy or girl with a cracked phone? Even if you can handle the gossip behind your back, you’ll also risk looking unprofessional in work settings. Plus, it’s pretty challenging to do anything other than necessary calls when your smartphone is shattered. That’s certainly not worth the expensive monthly phone bills most phones come along with. 


Pros: Costs no money

Cons: Costs your dignity, stuck with an old phone


Trading in the iPhone Through Apple

Arguably one of the easiest options, trading in a cracked iPhone through Apple is undoubtedly a quick process. However, it’s not what anyone would call painless. You’ll take a hit in your wallet for sure with this option. Why? Because Apple offers absolutely nothing if you want to trade-in your broken iPhone. Instead, they’ll “recycle” it for you for free. How thoughtful of them!


The only way to get any trade-in value from Apple is to fix your damaged iPhone and then trade it in. Apple offers repair services for those in need, so you definitely can get your damaged iPhone screen fixed through them. Getting the screen repaired by Apple typically costs about $150. You may get more for your trade-in, but the amount spent on the repair probably isn’t worth it.


Pros: Quick process

Cons: You lose cash


Sell your damaged iPhone on eBay

eBay can be a good option if your phone is still in working condition. You’ll find that the market can be competitive, and while people will buy a shattered iPhone, you won’t get much if it’s an older model. Auctions can be tedious and take more time than other online marketplaces. Plus, you have to pay eBay’s fees on any sale you make. 

Listing on eBay is a bit of a wild west situation. There are quite a few people there, and you’re in charge of all the dirty work. Overall, it’s a slower process than other sites, and you end up with more headaches than what your iPhone trade-in might even be worth. As of the date of this article, there are thousands of cracked iPhones for sale on eBay right now—so get ready for some steep competition. 


Pros: A large number of buyers all in one place, can list for higher than other sites

Cons: You do all the legwork, competition is high


Trade in your cracked or broken iPhone through a Buy Back Website (for cash!)

Several online sites make it simple to trade-in any device, even a damaged or broken iPhone. Most of these sites make it a breeze to get cash in hand quickly, despite your iPhone having a little—or a lot—of damage.


Not all sites are created equal, so let’s break down some of the most popular:



Trade in your cracked or broken phone to

GadgetGone offers fast, free quotes for all types of devices. You can ship your cracked, damaged or broken iPhone for free to GadgetGone, and once received, you’ll get paid ASAP. Payment comes in the form of a mailed check, eCheck, or PayPal. It’s quick, easy, and you’ll definitely get more money than what Apple will offer (because again, they offer $0).

In the unlikely event we have to offer a revised quote you have the option for us to ship the device back for free. You’ll never pay for shipping, so there are zero risks. You save time and energy and don’t have to deal with the hassle of listing your item yourself to sell.  


Quote of $175 for a damaged, unlocked iPhone X 64GB on 4/28/2020 – 


Pros: Quick money, fast process, high payouts even for cracked or damaged phones

Cons: Might not be able to get as high of a price as eBay



Trade-in cracked iPhones for cash at BuyBackWorld, or a wide range of other items like DVDs, gift cards, or even gaming consoles. This site accepts all models of iPhones in all conditions, and according to their website, they offer instant, upfront quotes. Shipping is free, and you get paid quickly upon receipt of the device. Overall, it’s a smooth process.


trade in cracked iphone | GadgetGone







Quote of $100 for a damaged, unlocked iPhone X 64GB on 4/28/2020 – 


Pros: Trade-ins for damaged iPhones and many other items, quick payouts, free shipping

Cons: Payouts usually not as high as some sites, like GadgetGone



Like other online cracked iPhone trade-in sites, MaxBack also offers immediate quotes, free shipping, and will take damaged devices. MaxBack is fast and relatively simple to use, though payouts aren’t as high as GadgetGone.


Quote of $122 for a damaged, unlocked iPhone X 64GB on 4/28/2020 – 

trade in cracked iphone | GadgetGone

Pros: Easy for anyone to use, free shipping, payouts in days upon receipt

Cons: Less money offered than GadgetGone


Big Box Stores

You can also take your not working iPhone or one that is damaged to a Big Box store for a trade-in, but you might be surprised at how little you’ll be offered. Here are two popular stores and what you can expect. 



trade in cracked iphone | GadgetGone

Can trade-in online or in-store. The online trade-in site is a bit difficult to navigate. After putting the particulars—Unlocked, cracked iPhone X 64GB—the site came back with a quote of $32.61. Ok, so it’s something, but probably not worth the effort.




Quote of $32.61 for a damaged, unlocked iPhone X 64GB on 4/28/2020 – 


Pros: Cash through PayPal or a gift card upon receipt of the device

Cons: Low payouts


Best Buy 

trade in cracked iphone | GadgetGoneBest Buy isn’t your best bet if you want an online trade-in of your cracked iPhone. They do not specify a time frame for when you will receive a finalized quote upon receipt of your device. Plus, if you dispute the adjusted offer, you have to pay for them to ship it back. GadgetGone offers free returns of your equipment if you happen to receive an adjusted quote you don’t agree with. For Best Buy trade-ins, your best bet is to go in-person. Though, it’s important to note that they only offer payment in the form of a Best Buy gift card.  


Quote of $57.50 for a damaged, unlocked iPhone X 64GB on 4/28/2020 –


Pros: Same day offer and payout if you go in person

Cons: No shipping and evaluation time-frame, money only paid via gift card


If you want to get the most money back and reduce the stress of having to sell the item, consider GadgetGone when you need to trade-in your damaged iPhone.


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