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Recycle old cell phones with GadgetGone's electronic recycling
Electronic Recycling With GadgetGone

How It Works

Don’t just throw your used smartphones, tablets, or laptops away—recycle old electronics for cash!

If your item still has value, you’ll get top dollar by selling it to GadgetGone.

In fact, we’ll even pay you for some of your broken items.


Need to recycle your other no-value electronics? GadgetGone to the rescue!

Just send them our way and we’ll help you recycle them from the convenience of your own home.


Either way, it’s a simple 3-step process:


Confirm Your Eligibility

Just fill out our simple form.

We pay cash for many electronics. For your less valuable devices (in most cases), we’ll help you recycle them responsibly. Don’t see your item on our website? Just fill out our custom quote form. We’ll get back to you ASAP about whether we can recycle it for you.


Ship Your Electronics

For free!

Don’t research “electronic recycling near me.” Whether San Diego or Seattle, Houston or NYC, GadgetGone can help you with your tablet, laptop, smartwatch, and cell phone recycling needs—for free! Just box up your devices (extra karma points for repurposing a box from your last online shopping haul) and ship them to us with our free shipping label.


Get Paid

In cash or karma.

Getting cash for your old devices? Lucky you! Choose either a mailed check, Amazon gift card, or PayPal payment. No payment? No worries. Be sure to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for doing your part to save our environment.

Easy. Fast. Green.

Why Use GadgetGone?

Save Money

If your electronics hold value and are listed on our site, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the most cash possible when you recycle old cell phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, and more with GadgetGone thanks to our PriceMatch+ Guarantee and complimentary shipping label.

Save Time

Many local recycling programs don’t allow you to recycle electronics using curbside pickup and instead force you to drive to a special electronic recycling center. With GadgetGone, you’re usually done in five minutes or less. Just put your devices in a box, print your shipping label, and schedule a pickup.

Save the Environment

Whether broken or gently used, all of the electronics we receive are repurposed instead of being dumped in a landfill. Broken electronics are sold to wholesale vendors who use them for spare parts or remanufacturing, while functional devices are given a second life by being sold (often at a significant discount) to a new owner.

Support Small Business

Since transforming from a one-man Craigslist hustle into a thriving business, we’ve built a team and a dream that we couldn’t be more proud of. But, none of it could happen if it weren’t for customers like you. Any profit generated from the sale of recycled items helps to support our staff and, in turn, our local economy here in Central Florida.

Start Recycling Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What electronics does GadgetGone recycle?

We can recycle any consumer electronics that are small and hold enough value to be resold in the secondhand market. This includes most iPhones, Android phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, game consoles, personal audio, other smart devices, and more. We cannot accept larger electronics such as TVs and desktop computers.

Can I recycle my broken electronics?

Definitely—as long as they retain enough value and functionality to enter the secondary market. When selling broken devices, keep in mind that GadgetGone must pay shipping, labor, and selling fees. So, if the value of the item does not exceed these fees, we generally cannot purchase or accept it. Use our custom quote form to find out if we can recycle your broken electronics.

Does GadgetGone remove my personal data?

Before purchasing or recycling any devices, we’ll make sure to check them for any personal information that might be present. When possible, we’ll remove this data or ask for your assistance in taking care of it. However, we cannot remove personal data from certain dead or broken items before resale.

Can I recycle more than one device?

Of course! Heck, you can recycle electronics of all kinds with GadgetGone. Whether you have multiple smartphones or a bunch of different devices, you can add any quantity necessary to your cart when getting your initial quote. We even accept bulk trade-ins from wholesale sellers or companies looking for IT asset recovery.

How do I know what my old cellphone, tablet, laptop, or other device is worth?

We want you to be happy with your offer and GadgetGone electronic recycling experience. So, before reselling or recycling your device, it’s a good idea to get multiple price quotes to make sure you’re getting the best trade-in value possible. Aside from getting your instant GadgetGone offer, a great way to assess the potential value of your used device is by taking a look at your cellular carrier’s trade-in program.

You can also look at other popular buyback companies such as Gazelle or Buyback Boss, or big-box stores like Target, Best Buy, or GameStop to get an idea of what your item is worth. If you find a better price from any of these companies, GadgetGone will beat it with our PriceMatch+ Guarantee. Just message us to let us know the company you’d like to price match.

Remember that condition is very important when it comes to consumer electronics values—you’ll always get more money for a device in excellent or good condition.

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I'm happy I chose GadgetGone!

I’m happy I chose GadgetGone. I received a more-than-fair quote immediately and I didn’t wait long at all to receive my payment. Customer service was friendly and quick with their responses.

- Jenn

Paid exactly what they said I would be.

Excellent communication during the process and was paid exactly what they said I would be (which was even more than I expected for it). Very friendly through email and will respond in a timely manner. I definitely recommend them to anyone who has old phones lying around!

- Michael K.

GadgetGone offered the best rate by far!

I researched all of the different vendors to sell my used iPhone 6+ and GadgetGone offered the best rate by far. The process was quick and simple and I received my cash very quickly. I would definitely use them again in the future.

- Keith A.

Super simple and easy.

Super simple and easy way to get rid of an old phone and make extra money. Definitely a good choice!

- Stephanie F.

Definitely using their services again.

GadgetGone representatives responded to my request in a timely and appropriate manner. My quote was higher than on any other site and payment was fast and hassle-free. I would definitely use their services again.

- Simona R.
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