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Bidallies Company Background

There isn’t much information out there for Bidallies other than their eBay Store. Bidallies has a Better Business Profile, although they are not a BBB accredited business. Bidallies has a website and a Twitter account, but they haven’t been updated in several years. Judging from the “about” page on their website it’s safe to say Bidallies acquires the iPhones they sell from undisclosed wholesalers. The company is managed by Jarir Derouach. Jarir is also managing partner with the role of “operations manager” at a company called Vexwire. It’s very likely that Bidallies eBay store is simply a sales channel for Vexwire. They’ve been in business since 2005.


Contact Information for Bidallies:

Phone Number: (718) 874-2623

Email Address:

Bidallies eBay Store: Contact

Street Address: 47-46 40th Street, 6G, Sunnyside, NY 11104



bidallies ebay reviews and ratings

Bidallies has an eBay rating of 99.5%. This is a solid rating for an eBay store of their size, and you can trust that bidallies will take care of you if you have any issues after purchase. A word of caution though, bidallies has over a thousand revised reviews on eBay. This means bidallies has asked over a thousand customers to change a negative or neutral review they originally left to a positive one. This could indicate they place more focus on taking care of customer problems after the sale, rather than preventing them in the first place through quality control processes.


Price & Quality

Based on our research, Bidallies has market value pricing. That means they’re generally not offering great deals, but they aren’t asking too much money for their devices either. You’re going to get a device from them at a price that reflects exactly what it’s worth. Quality wise, it’s hard to say whether or not Bidallies is doing proper QC (Quality Control) and testing on their used electronics. Their over 1000 revised reviews could point to quite a few people who were dissatisfied with their purchase initially and only changed their reviews after some coaxing. One thing we know for sure is that their grading scale is a little deceptive. For example, this is one of their condition descriptions:

“This is a B stock item, meaning unit is in fair cosmetic condition and will show signs of use in the form of scrapes or scratches”

Typically in this industry a device with numerous scrapes and scratches would be considered a “C” or even “D” grade device. The B grade is likely meant to understate the level of damage.

Despite the grading, Bidallies does offer a 30 day free return policy on eBay which means they’ll allow returns for any reason during the first 30 days after purchase and they’ll even pay for the return shipping.



Bidallies has overwhelmingly positive reviews. The quality of their devices is questionable but you can rest easy knowing Bidallies will take care of you if you have any issues with your purchase.


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