Cellfeee company overview

Cellfeee ebay store

Cellfeee has minimal information available online, and it seems they generally only sell on eBay and Amazon. There is a website for Cellfeee but it’s password access only. This likely means their website is only meant for B2B clients. Cellfeee also goes by another trade name, “Chubbiestech”. Cellfeee has a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau and is not currently a BBB accredited business (only because they don’t pay for BBB accreditation).

The owner of the business is Mr. Josh Kermanian. Josh is also Sales Manager and CFO at another business called Platinum Connections. Platinum connections is a wholesale B2B website for other businesses that would like to buy pre-owned and refurbished smartphones and other electronics at wholesale prices. Cellfeee, Chubbiestech and Platinum connections appear to all be owned by Mr. Kermanian. 


Contact information for cellfeee

Phone Number: (818) 679-2280 & (718) 472-3800

Email Address: sales@cellfeee.com

Cellfeee eBay Store: Contact

Street Address: 3107 20th Rd Astoria, NY 11105-2017



Cellfeee ebay store reviews and ratings

Cellfeee has a 99.4% rating on eBay. They only have 96 reviews (out of roughly 46,000) that have been revised to positive after previously being negative. What this tells us is that Cellfeee is offering a very good customer service experience, or at least as well as can be expected for a larger company. We typically consider 99.5% to be an excellent rating but the low number of revised reviews gives their rating a boost in our books. In addition to their ebay reviews they also have a minimal amount of FaceBook reviews that we wouldn’t suggest putting too much stock in.


Price & Quality

Cellfeee prices their items at or slightly above fair market value. This means you’re probably not getting a great deal on most items from their eBay store, but you aren’t getting ripped off either. Their prices may seem very competitive compared to other ebay sellers but pay close attention to the cosmetic condition of the used / refurbished devices they sell. Typically their cosmetic condition says 


“It is 100% functional but will show signs of use, including scratches and dents on the front, back, and corners of the product.”


What this means is you’re likely getting a C or D grade item (on an A – D scale). Devices in very good to excellent (A-B) condition typically sell for $20 – $60 more than C or D grade items. 

As far as quality goes, from our research it seems they are taking decent quality control measures. The devices they are selling have gone through a testing and QC process of some degree. Their testing and grading scale likely isn’t as stringent as other smaller sellers on eBay. You’ll find that’s the case for most larger eBay sellers of refurbished tech. 

Cellfeee has a return policy that’s on-par for most other larger sellers. They offer free returns for the first 30 days after purchase. That means you can return a device to them for any reason you want and they’ll cover the return shipping expense.



Cellfeee offers a fair mix of quality and price. They often rank towards the top of ebay search results, mostly because ebay favors sellers with a large supply of inventory. For a quick easy buy Cellfeee is a solid choice. That said, If you want one of the best deals on eBay or the absolute best quality device we’d suggest looking at some other ebay sellers. 


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