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The Decluttr Store has been in the re-commerce game since the late 2000’s. They are part of a massive company called musicMagpie based out of the UK. Decluttr has a huge presence on both eBay and Amazon (on Amazon they’re known as “Zoverstocks”). By many metrics they are considered the largest seller on, which is saying something. The Decluttr Store sources much of its inventory directly from consumers who sell smartphones, laptops, CD’s, books and a trove of other items to their buyback site,


Decluttr Store Contact Information: 

Phone Number: (678) 766-1762

Email Address:

Decluttr eBay Store: Contact

Street Address:  4175 Royal Dr NW STE 300 Kennesaw, GA 30144-6428



Decluttr Store eBay ratings and reviews

Decluttr_Store has a 92% rating on eBay. When we’re looking at eBay ratings we typically consider 95% to be the gold standard and anything above that is excellent. 92% is not a great rating but it also isn’t a horrendous one. On Amazon they have a 93% rating, so the low 90% range seems to be consistent across all their sales channels. Something to keep in mind with reviews for any company is that people are much more likely to leave unsolicited negative reviews than positive ones. As an example, think about how many times you’ve spoken to a manager at a restaurant to let them know what a great job their team was doing vs how many times you complained. So there’s a large percentage of their customer base that didn’t leave a positive review after a good experience, but the same generally can’t be said for people who had a bad experience as they’re much more likely to leave a review.

What this all means is that 9.5 times out of 10 you’re going to be satisfied with your purchase from Decluttr Store. 


The most common complaints for Decluttr Store tend to be:


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eBay Complaints for Decluttr Store –
  • Never shipped item 
  • Shipped wrong item 
  • Condition wasn’t accurate





Reviews for their buyback website are similar. According to TrustPilot reviews about 91% of their customers indicated they have an excellent or great experience. The rest indicated they had an average to poor experience.

If you put a lot of stock in the Better Business Bureau you’ll be happy to know they are a BBB accredited business with a “B” rating. They have 548 company complaints with the BBB (which is a lot) but again, keep in mind they’re a very large company. 


Decluttr Store Better Business Bureau Information
Better Business Bureau Profile for Decluttr – – 5/6/20


Price and Quality


Decluttr Store tends to price their items right at market value. What this means is that you’re probably not going to get a fantastic deal on any of their merchandise, but you’re not going to get ripped off either. Generally you’re going to pay a price that’s reflective of exactly what the item is worth. eBay usually puts Decluttr items on the first page of search results because eBay looks favorably on sellers/listings that have a large inventory of products. Even if Decluttr doesn’t have the best price you’ll typically see their listings at the top of “best match” search results because eBay knows they have plenty of items to sell their customers. 


Quality Wise, Decluttr Store has a quantity over quality approach. They of course have a Quality Control (QC) & Testing Process for the pre-owned items they resell but it’s not nearly as detailed as it is for most smaller sellers. As much as they might try there’s just no way to do a very detailed testing and quality assurance process when you’re selling hundreds of thousands of diverse, used items every month. This is reflected in many of their 3000+ negative eBay reviews. While the majority of customers receive an item that’s as described, there’s still a healthy amount of customers who have a poor experience because Decluttr’s testing process missed some functional or cosmetic issues. 




If you’re looking for pre-owned / refurbished CD’s, DVD’s or electronics chances are, Decluttr Store has what you’re looking for. Chances are also very likely that if you buy from them you’ll receive your item and it will be as described. But, if you’re willing to scroll through some additional pages of eBay search results you’ll find many other (smaller) sellers offering a better deal and many more still that have much better ratings than Decluttr.


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