So, how much is an iPhone 6 worth? And, wait, people still have those?!

Believe it or not, there are still people out there that own an iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus. Even though these iPhones came out between four to seven years ago, someone you know still uses one of these. If that someone you know is you, don’t sweat it. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s still remain the most-used iPhone models around the world. Why, when so many people scramble to upgrade to the newest iPhone each year, is that the case? Well, Apple’s device reliability is the primary reason.

For over a decade, Apple has been creating iPhones that push the envelope on what smartphones can do with their next-level technologies, superior materials, and sleek design. And, thanks to having continued access to iOS updates for even older iPhone models, Apple fanatics can continue to use their favorite model past the usual upgrade cycle. 

As a result, iPhone owners have access to another added benefit: above-average resale values when compared to Androids. So, although brands like Google and Huawei depreciate roughly 67% and 74%, respectively over a yearlong span, iPhones hold on to a respectable 43% depreciation rate annually. Not too shabby, to say the least.


How much is an iPhone 6 or 6s worth?
How much can you get out of an iPhone 6? A decent amount, actually.

Fortunately for those wondering what their old iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus is worth, these five- and six-years-old phones are still holding a bit of value. So, just how much can you plan on getting out of them when you trade them in? We’ve got all the details below.



How Much Is an iPhone 6 Worth?

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Age Aside, How Much Is an iPhone 6 Worth?

Launched back in September 2014 and 2015, respectively (talk about a blast from the past!), the iPhone 6 and 6s are virtually indistinguishable at first glance. Beneath the matching exteriors, however, the s-update brought with it features like 3D Touch, live photos, and an upgraded processor and camera, making the iPhone 6s a solid choice, even after all these years.

Originally priced at $649 for the iPhone 6 and 6s and $749 for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, the since-discontinued series can still be purchased from third-party retailers for between $100 and $450 (either new or refurbished), making it a decent catch for those that want an affordable option.

Of course, with the iPhone 13 on the market, you might be thinking that it’s finally time for an upgrade and wondering what your old iPhone is worth, if anything. Overall, the resale value for your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus depends on several things:

Condition – Does your phone have any dents, cracks, or functional damage (sadly, it happens)? Whatever the issue, it’ll cost you. Even phone screen scratches can lower your buyback quote around 23%.
Carrier – Is your phone carrier-unlocked or on the Verizon network (all Verizon phones are unlocked two months from purchase automatically)? If so, you’ll get more from your iPhone 6 or 6s than your carrier-locked counterparts.
Payment – Cash is more convenient, but you might get more for your trade-in by opting for store credit. Just be aware that you’ll be limited on how you can spend that credit.
Storage size – The more storage space you have, the more money you’ll get.

With these factors in mind, an iPhone 6 is worth between $17 and $34, an iPhone 6 Plus is worth between $17 and $54, an iPhone 6s is worth between $19 and $44, and an iPhone 6s Plus is worth between $30 and $88. These specific resale values are for 128GB devices on the Verizon network in good condition. 

Of course, your own offer will vary based on the specifications of your iPhone. For instance, an iPhone 6 that doesn’t turn on won’t be worth much of anything anywhere. Contrastingly, a never-been-activated iPhone 6s Plus would put $151 in your pocket with GadgetGone.


Research iPhone 6 and 6s resale values before trading in
Do your homework before you jump on an offer for your iPhone 6.


See What the Best Offer Is Out There

When trading in your used iPhone 6 or 6s, the first thing you should do is research resale values from different buyback options. Surprisingly, resale values can range considerably – we’re talking double, possibly more – based on which trade-in program you use. 

So, although getting $17 in cash from an ecoATM sounds like a nice little bonus, you could get almost four times that by selling your iPhone 6 Plus to GadgetGone. Moreover, while getting $44 in Best Buy store credit for your used iPhone 6s Plus is great, it’s less great if you actually needed that money in cash. 

So, whether you’re upgrading or just needing some quick cash, it pays to seek a second, third, or even sixth option. Look past the usual carrier, Apple Trade In, and retail outlets to find buyback sites like GadgetGone, along with ecoATM, Amazon, and GameStop. Be on the lookout for special promotions and companies that price-match to help maximize your resale value (even if it may be trade-in value).

With only a little extra effort, we know you’ll find a trade-in option (and payout) that suits your needs.


Cash or store credit, storage size, carrier, and condition all affect what your iPhone 6 or 6s is worth.
Money? Yes please.

iPhone 6/6s Resale Value Comparison Chart

To fast-track your research, we gathered up the current resale values from several popular buyback options. Similar to the values above, the below prices are for a 128GB iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus with Verizon in good condition (as of January 2022). As previously mentioned, your own offer will vary according to your iPhone’s specific details.

iPhone 6  iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus
GadgetGone (cash) $34 $54 $44 $88
Amazon Trade-In (store credit) $16 $31 $23 $28
Best Buy Trade-In (store credit) $50 $35 $50
ecoATM (cash) $17 $17 $19 $30
GameStop Trade-In (store credit)
Apple Trade In (store credit) $30 $50
AT&T Trade-In Program (store credit)
T-Mobile Trade-In Program (store credit) $5 $9 $10 $21
Verizon Device Trade-In Program (store credit) $10 $10 $10 $20

(As you can see, some retail locations don’t even take the iPhone 6 models anymore, so the offers are easier to pan out.)

Ready to upgrade? Before you do, check out our reviews of Amazon Trade-In, Best Buy Trade-In, ecoATM, GameStop Trade-In, Apple Trade In, AT&T Trade-In, T-Mobile Trade-In, and Verizon Device Trade-In before heading out.

Find the Best Value and Don’t Miss It!

While you might be considering waiting for a bit before collecting trade-in quotes, don’t hesitate too long! Due to the volatile resale marketplace, resale values change quite often. This, however, is never more true than in the 24 hours following the launch of a new iPhone. Even though an iPhone 14 launch isn’t happening right away, when it does happen, an iPhone’s resale value can drop as much as 30%

Simply put, if you find a quote you like, go ahead and lock it up! At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep shopping around for the best offer. Not only are quotes obligation-free, but many buyback options will actually hold your offer for several days (GadgetGone, for instance, has a “lock-in” period of 14 days). This allows you to continue collecting quotes and possibly finding a better value until you find the best offer for you. It’s a win-win!


Close-up of cracked phone
Maybe don’t destroy your next phone…?

As noted previously, there’s one final thing that can drastically change the value of your iPhone 6 or 6s: its condition. After your phone is received by your chosen buyback company, its cosmetic and functional condition will be appraised both by hand and with software. If its assessed condition is inconsistent with what was given during the initial quote, your offer will be adjusted to match. As this change in resale value can cause some frustration, we can’t state enough how important it is to be as honest and accurate as possible about your iPhone’s condition when getting your initial offer. (Not to mention some places, like Amazon, utilize a third-party company to analyze bought-back equipment.)

What if you’re unhappy with your adjusted quote and would rather not proceed with the trade-in? Not a problem! Many buyback options (GadgetGone included) are more than happy to send your device back to you for free (or a small shipping fee) if you change your mind. There are some companies that don’t do this (like, for instance, Verizon), so do your homework before you get your device ready for shipment.

The iPhone 6 may not be the newest model on the market, but it can get a decent draw, provided you take it to the right place. Like, oh, say, GadgetGone?

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