The lifespan of a smartphone these days varies. Apple devices usually last a long while, and some Android devices (note we said some) can be pretty reliable. But, eventually, you’ll reach the point that you will need to sell an iPhone and upgrade to the newer model.

Maybe it’ll be an app taking forever to update; or a drop on the floor that leaves a chip on the screen; or just the sheer fact that you prefer three mini-cameras to the usual one when it comes to taking pictures of your parents.


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Beyonce says, “Get some cash for your phone!” (Okay, she didn’t say that.)

Should you upgrade, don’t just dump your old device in a junk drawer to gather dust. Sell your iPhone to someone who will love and care for it just as much as you did. Erase it, get rid of it, and then use your new device without a second thought. That’s the upgrade way!

But how to find a buyer? You could try eBay, sure, but there are other, more convenient options available. Let’s look at the pros and cons of what’s available to help you sell your old iPhone, either in-person (depending on COVID restraints) or online. So, keep reading: You’ll be finding out “where to sell an iPhone near me” and telling your old device “off you go!” soon enough.



Facebook Marketplace

Where to Sell an iPhone Near Me (Or Other Device)


where to sell an iphone near me - craigslist


One of the first methods that will probably come to mind to sell your iPhone is the local portion of Craigslist. Selling to a local user cuts out the middleman and ensures that you reach an audience that is actively looking for an iPhone. And you’d be surprised who’s on the hunt, be it a family member or someone just looking for old tech.

To sell on the site, go to your local area’s Craigslist page and create a new listing for your phone. Include all device information (including condition – do not skip over this) and how much you would like to get for the iPhone. Price your phone based on what you see on Craigslist already, as well as what you can find on other sites, such as eBay. 

If you aren’t committed to a number, put “OBO” along with your listing price, which says you are willing to take the best offer you get. (Be careful of lowballers, though. If someone offers you $50 for an iPhone 12, they’re definitely lowballing.)

With Craigslist, safety should be your number one concern. Do not put your full name or address in your listing. (It encourages you to use a secondary email as well, which relays to the listing.) Once you have accepted an offer, arrange for a meeting place in a public area to avoid becoming the target of a crime or being taken advantage of (with lighting if it’s at night). 

Bring someone with you if you can to ensure you are safe, or find a populated area, like a grocery store parking lot. Whenever possible, try to get paid in cash to avoid having to deal with bounced checks or being scammed with fake money orders or cashier’s checks. 

Pros:  The cash is quick, your audience consists of people in your area who are looking for a used phone, and you can ask for whatever price you want.

Cons: Safety and security can be a problem, scammers abound, and people may try for a lower price. There’s also the chance your device won’t sell if it’s older (like, say, an iPhone 4 in bad shape).

Our Verdict: Just because you can both find a date and sell your old phone on Craigslist, doesn’t mean that you should. It can be dangerous to deal with some buyers, especially with COVID going around. Proceed with caution.


where to sell an iphone near me - facebook marketplace


Facebook Marketplace

Been wondering “where to sell an iPhone near me”? Look no further than Facebook Marketplace

No longer is Facebook just the place you go to message your buddies about bad movies (just us?) and discuss the latest football game. It’s now one of the most popular online selling platforms today. You can reach people in your area quickly, vet buyers more easily than with a site like Craigslist or eBay, and list your iPhone for whatever you feel it’s worth. (You can also put OBO here, in case you feel like venting lesser offers.)

Creating a listing is quick and easy – simply upload a description and images of the phone. Be sure to highlight any damage or other issues the phone may have, as well as what accessories are included.

One perk of Facebook Marketplace is the way it seamlessly integrates into social media you already use. Responses from interested buyers are sent straight to Messenger, adding a sense of security that Craigslist is missing. Afraid of being catfished? Just check out their profile to make sure they’re an actual person. 

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is usually a painless process, but there can be some drawbacks. “Ghosting” among people in conversation is rampant, and, yes, occasionally someone unfavorable enters the picture. There’s also a chance that people will try to negotiate a lower price. Remember the worth of your device and don’t just sell an iPhone for low value.

Pros: Listing your phone for the price you want is fast and simple. All that’s left to do is narrowing your pool of potential buyers down to your local area and checking the profiles of interested parties. Then arrange a safe meeting place (with the rules that apply with Craigslist) and you’re set!

Cons: The social media giant might lend an aura of security, but safety is still a concern. Plus, you can spend a lot of time fielding messages from people who are marginally interested, then vanish without a trace.

Our Verdict: There’s a reasonable market for devices on Facebook, but don’t be surprised if people end up dropping out of the conversation. Never hurts to try, however.


where to sell an iphone near me - gamestop



If you’re a gamer or you know someone who is, you’re likely already familiar with GameStop. As you could tell from the name, GameStop sells both new and used video games and systems. But, did you know that they also buy old smartphones, tablets, drones, and more? To sell an iPhone is as simple as bringing your device into your GameStop and asking what they’ll pay for it. There are, of course, some restrictions to consider.

In order to receive the full value of your phone, it must be in full working condition. If your device has some damage, that’s still ok – your offer will just be adjusted. In fact, even if your phone is flat-out dead, GameStop will still make you an offer (although it probably won’t be one you can’t refuse). 

The one exception to this rule is older-generation smartphones: you need to be trying to sell an iPhone 5s or newer for GameStop to be interested. 

There are two caveats. Even though the company has eased its rules with COVID-19 and are paying both cash and credit for devices, you’re going to get more in store credit. This may be a bummer for those seeking maximum cash value for their device, but helpful for anyone looking for, say, a PlayStation 5.

On top of that, the final trade is dependent on the employee and/or management in charge. They need to give the final say-so and approve the amount given for it, be it either cash or credit. So make sure it’s in the proper condition before you head to your nearest location. Before you go, check out how much GameStop is currently offering for your iPhone model here

Pros: The process is fast, straightforward, and secure with good trade-offs, as long as you’re looking to build your video game collection or buy a new game console. 

Cons: Your value can go down if you’re looking for cash, and can vary depending on who you’re trading it to. 

Our Verdict: If you’re the kind of person who likes to play (video) games, GameStop is well worth consideration. If it’s cash you’re after, however, you may want to shop around other offers.


where to sell an iphone near me - pawn shop



Yes, pawn shops are good for mobile devices, and not just gold, despite their advertising on the doors and windows. That said, it depends on location. 

Cell phones can be challenging to sell at a pawn shop, and many won’t even take them. This is because phones are some of the most stolen items out there, and hard to track. Luckily for Apple fans, iPhones are easier to trace and, thus, sometimes will be purchased by a pawn shop. 

If you’re one of the fortunate few, you must ensure that the phone is no longer logged into your iCloud account. To get the most value out of your phone, be sure to bring along the original packaging if you have it, as well as any included accessories such as chargers. Don’t forget to clear its memory as well, so the attendees can immediately check its start-up screen. This’ll save you some time.

As far as cash amounts, pawn shops typically can’t offer as much as the market used price. They need to make their money back if the phone forfeits, so they will often offer less than what you can get via other sales options.

Pros: You leave with cash in hand and don’t have to deal with the safety concerns of selling to someone you don’t know.

Cons: Some phones aren’t accepted, and many stores don’t exactly have the same glowing offers as competitors.

Our Verdict: Depending on which shop you go to (and if they know you well enough), a pawn shop might be the answer for sell an iPhone or Apple device. Any others, however, will likely be met with a brick wall. See what other offers are available first, and consider this your final “if all else fails” option.


where to sell an iphone near me - ecoatm



When it comes to having to sell your iPhone or other old devices locally, ecoATM is one of the most convenient options out there. With thousands of kiosks throughout the United States, a straightforward evaluation process that puts cash in your hands fast, and the noble goal of reducing electronic waste, this reverse vending machine is an understandably popular choice. 

Interest piqued? Head over to their website to find a location and get an estimate. When you’re ready to send your iPhone on its way to a new life, simply factory reset your phone, show up at a kiosk, and plug it in to be evaluated. You’ll get an offer (and the cash) without much hassle

Does this sound good to be true? As it turns out, the payout isn’t that great. While ecoATM is certainly convenient, you’ll pay for that convenience in the payment you receive, which is far less than what most competitors (like us) provide. 

Not convinced? We compared the estimated values of a 256GB iPhone XR in good condition from T-Mobile. Selling that phone to us here at GadgetGone will net you $181, while over at GameStop you’ll get $215 (in store credit). That same phone will get you around $110 at best at an ecoATM. If you’re a little bit patient, you can get far more with a competitor.

Pros: Selling your used iPhone to ecoATM is as easy as driving over to the nearest kiosk, plugging it in, and accepting your proposed payment. No muss, no fuss. You also help the environment, too.

Cons: You trade convenience for over 50% less cash in your pocket. It’s a quick option, but also very cheap.

Our Verdict: If you’re willing to settle for less (sometimes way less) than what you and your phone are worth in the name of convenience, then it’s your call. Just remember there is better competition out there to sell an iPhone.


where to sell an iphone near me - gadgetgone



While the options we list above are excellent to sell an iPhone locally, we’d be fools if we didn’t take the opportunity to talk about us as well. With our trouble-free shipping and competitive buying prices, you can get quite a bit of moolah for your phone or tablet.

Here at GadgetGone, we believe in giving you the cash you deserve for your smartphones, tablets, and other devices – quickly, safely, and with as little stress as possible. Simply give us the details on your device for a no-obligation quote, which lasts for 14 days. 

After you’ve accepted the offer to sell your iPhone, ship your phone to us for free using our prepaid shipping label. Then, sit back and relax as we take it from there. After one of our experts inspects your device (which won’t take too long), you’ll get an updated quote based on a physical inspection of the device. 

Once you accept, you can either receive a quick Paypal payment, a printed check, or an Amazon gift card. You won’t have to wait long to spend your money at all!

If you should change your mind or you simply aren’t happy with your quote, just let us know and we’ll send your device back to you no questions asked – for free. 

Pros: A quick trip to the post office with a prepaid shipping label and two business days are all that stands in the way between you and top dollar in your pocket. 

Cons: Having to wait two days compared to using a competitor. But you get more money in the long run.

Our Verdict: Even with a slight bit of wait, you get more money – and loads of convenience – with GadgetGone. There’s a reason so many customers love us, and you can easily join the party!

So if you’re looking to say “hasta la vista, baby” as you sell an iPhone, consider your options and get the cash you deserve! And if you give us consideration (how sweet of you), you can learn how to ship your phone here.

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