How To Reset iPhone To Sell | Prepare & Ship to GadgetGone

FIRST: Reset Your Devices


The single most important part of selling your old devices is to make sure they’re ready to be used by the next owner. Many of today’s gadgets require users to create an account login and password just to use them. If you sell these devices without removing your account info it can often mean they’re about as useful as a brick to anyone else but you. Even worse, in some cases hackers may be able to access your personal info and use it how they see fit. For this reason, GadgetGone requires all personal information to be removed from trade-ins before we can pay you for them. Resetting your device to factory settings before selling is the best way to wipe all your personal information. This process is typically pretty straightforward but the procedure varies depending on what kind of gadget you’re selling. To help out we’ve compiled a list of links that describe how to factory reset every device type that you can sell on our website.


Checklist before shipping


After resetting your device to factory settings you’ll want to do the following:

  • If applicable, charge your device to full capacity to help expedite the evaluation process. Then power it off.
  • For cell phones only – be sure to remove your SIM card before shipping. They’ll be disposed of during device testing.
  • For cell phones only – make sure that your phone has been paid off with the carrier and that you’ve removed it from your account.
  • Clean your device up as best you can. It will help out our technicians during evaluation. A rag and isopropyl alcohol works wonders for cleaning electronics.

Shipping Your Devices

Here’s what you’ll need to ship your devices

1: Get a box or padded envelope. When shipping small items like cell phones we recommend using a padded envelope that’s made of plastic. Don’t use paper based envelopes as they’re prone to ripping in transit. You can find plastic envelopes at any big box store, (Target, Walmart, Office depot, Staples, etc) they generally cost less $1 or less. When shipping many devices (or larger ones like an Xbox, Playstation, etc) we’d recommend using a cardboard box. You can reuse old Amazon boxes or boxes you have lying around the house, just be sure to remove or cover any existing shipping labels on the box. Boxes can of course also be purchased at any of the above stores. Please try to use the smallest box that will safely ship your devices.

2: Package up your devices. To protect your devices during shipment you’ll want to wrap your gadgets in bubble wrap and fill the empty space in the package with more bubble wrap, packing peanuts etc. If you don’t have those handy and don’t feel like driving to the store you can always use household paper towels instead. After packing up your device be sure to seal it closed with packing tape. If you’re using a padded envelope they usually come with a self sealing adhesive strip that you just need to close up.

NOTE: Due to storage constraints and logistic processes of our warehouse, any accessories you send us in your package will be responsibly recycled at the time of arrival to our facility. This includes items like protective cases, phone chargers, original boxes, etc. If at any point in the selling process you decide that you’d like your devices returned to you, only the devices themselves will be returned. Any accessories that you may have included in the package will not be returned to you. For this reason we recommend you only send us your devices themselves, to prevent the loss of any items you feel are valuable.

3: Adhere the label and drop it off with USPS. Print out your shipping label and adhere it to your package using clear shipping tape. You can drop your package off at your local post office or schedule a free pickup.