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How to Sell Your iPad 8 With GadgetGone

How It Works

Selling to GadgetGone is a simple, 3-step process that turns your iPad 8 into cash in as little as 2 days. The best part? We have the highest trade-in values around for your old iPad 8, guaranteed—no matter the condition, quantity, or carrier.


Unlike other selling platforms or using Apple’s trade-in program, we have multiple payment options. We’re talking cold, hard cash—no gift cards here (unless you want one, of course). Get your quote today to get started!


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Select your iPad model, answer a few questions, and get an obligation-free offer instantly.


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Box up your used iPad 8 and ship it to us for free with our prepaid shipping label.


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Choose between a mailed check, Amazon gift card, or PayPal payment. Once your iPad is delivered, we’ll make sure you get paid ASAP.

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Why Use GadgetGone?

Get the Most Money Fast

Get the most money for your old iPad when you sell with GadgetGone. With our PriceMatch+ Guarantee, we’ll beat any quote offered by one of our approved competitors. Once we’ve received your iPad, your cash will be on its way to you in as little as two days by PayPal, Amazon gift card, or mailed check.

Save Time and Energy

Want to sell your used iPad quickly? Skip the hassle of selling your tablet in person, dealing with non-paying eBay bidders, meeting up with low-balling local strangers, and getting pennies on the dollar from big-box stores by selling to GadgetGone. Get your guaranteed quote in seconds, then send your old iPad to us for free with our shipping kit and prepaid mailing label.

Receive Unmatched Customer Service

From helpful tips for first-time sellers to reminder texts for busy customers and answers to every question in between, our Customer Relationship Specialists make getting paid a breeze. Whatever you need, one of our customer-experience rock stars is only a text away.

Sell Your iPad 8 in Any Condition

GadgetGone offers the best price for your old iPad 8, no matter the condition it’s in. New, gently used, cracked, damaged, or just plain broken: if you’ve got it, we’ll buy it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What iPad models do you buy?

How much is my iPad 8 worth?

We want you to be happy with your offer from GadgetGone. So before selling your iPad 8, it’s a good idea to get multiple price quotes to make sure you’re getting the best trade-in value for resale. Aside from getting your instant GadgetGone offer, a great way to assess the potential value of your used iPad 8 is by taking a look at Apple’s trade-in page. While Apple’s offers are generally on the lower end, it will give you a good baseline to check the fair market value. Keep in mind if you choose to sell your tablet through Apple, you’ll receive your payout as an Apple gift card, not cash.

Some other popular places that will give you a quick iPad 8 valuation include Gazelle, Best Buy, Target, GameStop, Verizon, and uSell. Remember that if you find a better price from any of these companies, GadgetGone will beat it with our PriceMatch+ Guarantee. Just message us to let us know the company you’d like to price match.

Can I sell my used iPad 8 even if it’s broken?

Absolutely! GadgetGone accepts iPads in a variety of different conditions, from brand-new to broken. We’re the best place to sell your broken tablet because unlike other trade-in sites, we’ll pay you a fair price.

Have an old iPad 8 with a cracked or damaged screen that works perfectly otherwise? Don’t settle for lackluster offers from one of our competitors. We pay more than with any other buyback program. You can even sell used iPads that are water damaged, bent, or have functionality defects. No matter the issue, you’ll always get the most cash by trading in your cracked or broken iPad 8 to GadgetGone.

Can I sell a locked iPad 8?

That depends on what you mean by “locked.” While you can sell your carrier-locked iPad to GadgetGone, we do not accept iCloud-locked (also known as activation-locked) iPads or used tablets that have been reported as lost or stolen.

Can I sell more than one iPad?

Definitely! Heck, you can sell devices of all kinds to GadgetGone, not just iPads. Whether you have multiple iPads of the same model or a bunch of different models, you can add any quantity necessary to your cart when getting your initial quote. We even accept bulk trade-ins from wholesale sellers or companies looking for IT asset recovery.

Does it matter which carrier I have?

Not at all! All iPads come out of the box with the ability to work with most U.S.-based networks. So, we don’t deduct value for different carriers. It doesn’t matter if your iPad is from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile: all of these tablets are simply referred to as “WIFI + Cellular” models.

Do I have to sell my iPad after I get a quote?

Nope! All of our quotes are obligation-free. You don’t have to ship your iPad unless you’re happy with the amount we’ve offered. And if for some reason you change your mind after sending it in, we’ll mail your used tablet back to you for free—no questions asked.

How long do I have to ship?

Your quote is locked in for 14 days from the time you check out on our website. As long as the USPS tracking number shows you shipped your used iPad within those 14 days, your offer amount is guaranteed.

You can still ship your iPad after the 14-day, price-lock period (some of our customers wait 30 days or more); however, your tablet will be subject to whatever our current pricing is at the time of evaluation. Earlier is always better, but feel free to ship your iPad whenever you’re ready to sell!

What do I need to do before selling my iPad?

Unsure of how to prepare your old iPad for selling? Just follow these easy steps:

1.  Back up your iPad using iCloud or iTunes.

2.  Turn off Find My iPad and erase your data by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

3.  Fully charge your iPad, then turn it off.

4.  If you have a WIFI + Cellular model iPad, remove your SIM card before shipping your tablet in.

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I'm happy I chose GadgetGone!

I’m happy I chose GadgetGone. I received a more-than-fair quote immediately and I didn’t wait long at all to receive my payment. Customer service was friendly and quick with their responses.

- Jenn

Paid exactly what they said I would be.

Excellent communication during the process and was paid exactly what they said I would be (which was even more than I expected for it). Very friendly through email and will respond in a timely manner. I definitely recommend them to anyone who has old phones lying around!

- Michael K.

GadgetGone offered the best rate by far!

I researched all of the different vendors to sell my used iPhone 6+ and GadgetGone offered the best rate by far. The process was quick and simple and I received my cash very quickly. I would definitely use them again in the future.

- Keith A.

Super simple and easy.

Super simple and easy way to get rid of an old phone and make extra money. Definitely a good choice!

- Stephanie F.

Definitely using their services again.

GadgetGone representatives responded to my request in a timely and appropriate manner. My quote was higher than on any other site and payment was fast and hassle-free. I would definitely use their services again.

- Simona R.
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